[Request] ASUS PRIME Z690-P D4 BIOS unlock


this request is linked to another thread i created

I am currently on the latest BIOS 2404 and i want to roll back to 1xxx BIOS versions. I already successfully unlocked the flash descriptor, dumped a backup and extracted and iserted the UUID into a stock bios file.

Can someone help me to remove bios locks? Because i get “error 167: protected range registers” when i try to flash a File via FTK/FPT. I already tryed to find the corresponding setup_vars myself, but with no success so far.

Here a link to the Support Page for my Board

I am able to roll back to 2014


I gather, you have modded the BIOS but are having issues getting the modded BIOS flashed onto the board, is this correct?

Have you tried SCEWIN to disable the BIOS lock (BLE BIOS Lock Enable) bit/setting? See my guide under point 9.

Alternatively, have you tried using ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3? See page 56 of the board’s user manual. It involves putting the BIOS as “ASUS.CAP” or PZ690P.CAP" onto a flash drive.