[Request] BIOS Alignment of 2 identical Intel Education Tablets

I have two identical Intel Education Tablets with a diferent bios version, the First tablet is 32 bit the Second is 64 bit. I need to making work the dumped bios from the First tablet on the Second tablet Dumps First tablet.rar (1.0 MB) Second tablet.rar (1.0 MB)
Where can I find the repository for TXE ? I am trying with TXE but without success
First tablet

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Clean the SPI dump 1128/1130 with the 1130 from the repository

I already did it and program the Second Tablet with the CH341A but the Tablet doesn´t work, What can I do? the hardware on both tablets are the same and I need that the Dump from the First tablet works on the Second tablet

If you tried with both images cleaned…according the guide, then i cant help more on this subject, you’re the one pointing that the issue is bios/me corruption related.

Theoretically if the hardware is exactly the same a new programming with a confirmed working dump (1rst table), should work as im not seeing any really big issue using a downgrade ME FW image.

We dont have original fw images to compare and i dont know the source of your dumps…
Have you looked into the images with UEFi tool… besides NVRAM and origin of the source images, they have missing volumes or duplicate ones…

I am using INTEL TXE ME INJECTOR to clean the image of the First tablet, I am not using the guide. Can you help me making the image and upload here using the guide?
Is it necessary to clean the image of the Second tablet before programming with the cleaned image from the First Tablet?

(the logos are different) I need to put the UEFI boot logo from the First tablet
First tablet.rar (1.0 MB)
on the second tablet
Second tablet.rar (1.0 MB)
Any help?

Oh i see…
No i cannot, the guide is here for that reason… and already lost my time on those images. What i posted were the cleaned images and the ME Analyser report, deleted after.

And stop spanning across the forum with disguised posts to the same issue.

Why did you start a second thread about the same topic?
As soon as both BIOSes are identical, the UEFI Boot Logo will be the same.

Sorry but the BIOSes has different version, also the First Tablet has 32 Bit patform and the Second tablet has 64bit. The logos are different because the first tablet is branded as Intel and the second is ECS (Elite Group)