[Request] Bios mod for GA-Z68AP-D3 (rev 1.0) to activate Trim in RAID 0


I have a gigabyte motherboard : GA-Z68AP-D3 (rev 1.0) and i want to activate TRIM in RAID 0 and why not update some others modules (ex : cpumicrocode).

My option ROM is : Intel RST RAID ROM v10.6.0.1091 -> I’ve attached my motherboard bios file (AWARD).
This bios is last available version for rev 1.0 on gigabyte site : F8.

How can update my bios with it ?

Thank you very much

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Z68APD3.zip (1.54 MB)

would you love to change it to the uefi bios?
I just got the bios but some bug in it.


With this motherboard revision (REV 1.0), i have already tried the uefi bios in the past, but i didn’t overclock my i5 2500K to 4.6 GHZ as the legacy bios.
The legacy bios has more options for it.

I have seen that this bios UEFI work better with REV 2.0 than REV 1.0.

Furthermore in the gigabyte website, ths UEFI bios is only available for REV 2.0 motherboard.

What is your motherboard revision ?

Thank you.

You are right.
This 1.0 version has some bug as slow fan and pcie 1x speed in second pcie 16x slot.But uefi version could be mod easily about yourrequest by UBU.
About OC,I also suggest AWARD bios.


Yes, UEFI Bios could be mod easily by UBU, but today i prefer to stay with my legacy bios without bug.

How to mod this legacy bios ?


You have done a great job for my old ga-p35c-ds3r, thanks again for that.

Here, i want to mod the bios of my other moterboard : GA-Z68AP-D3.
If it is possible, i want to :
- update to the last cpu microde
- update the RAID ROM to another version with TRIM

What do you think?

FYI : My option ROM is : Intel RST RAID ROM v10.6.0.1091 -> I’ve attached my motherboard bios file (AWARD) in my first post.
This bios is last available version for rev 1.0 on gigabyte site : F8.

Thank you very much.

@Dams7 - You’re welcome, and thank you too
Here you go, sorry for the delay!


1. Dummy.bin replaced original RSTRAID5.bin, to preserve module count above sensitive modules and their original locations
2. RST >> v10.6.0.1091I >> Updated to >> TRIM
3. Update all CPU microcodes

*** Cbrom155 used for all insertions ***

Flash with Qflash or FlashSPI from DOS
Qflash Checksum >> 6900


@Lost_N_BIOS - Ok, thank you very much for your work.

I will try this new bios as soon as possible.

I will keep you informed of the results.

You’re welcome! Let me know, if it fails, then need to use Cbrom115 for insert instead


It works !

I have tried this bios and everythink is OK !

Thank you very much for your great work !

Hi Lost_N_BIOS,
can do the same thing be done for GA-Z68APD3 v2.0?
I have UEFI UA9 Bios (beta) installed from gigabyte site
I would like if the NVME module for the M.2 SSD can be.

@Dams7 - Thanks for the testing report back, good to hear all is OK

@EDECAT - What RST version do you want put in there? or last good for this MB.

You have to choose and tell me, “last good” is not something I can decide.
Info on what’s latest, suggested, or compatible is in each modules thread below, you have to pick
Intel EFI “RaidDriver” BIOS Modules

Hi, i have in UA9 bios option rom Intel(R) RST (2003-2012).
- in my win 10 driver is from (2006) version 10.0.18362.1 Intel Raid Volume
- i don t find right RaidDriver and AHCI raid rom for my Z68 in the links you provide but i guess this is right

Intel EFI "RaidDriver" BIOS Modules
(Intel RST(e) EFI RAID "SataDriver" v12.9.0.2006 GUID 90C8D394)

(Intel AHCI ROM v2.00h)


@EDECAT - You need to pick a RAID EFI module and a RAID Rom version from the pages I linked, both of those go into your BIOS

What your current ROMs are in BIOS does not matter since I will be replacing them at your request.
But based on what you pick, you ideally will want to update driver to same family (ie 11 roms, use 11 drivers, 12 roms use 12 drivers etc)

AHCI should be left as it is (ie 1.20E I assume, that’s the good fast loading at boot time one)

ok, for intel RST i pick 11 rom series.


@EDECAT - Needs to be 12 or above if you want to upgrade RST, otherwise no point really. How about v12.9.0.2006 for both EFI and legacy ROM?
Would that be OK? If yes, I will do that + microcode update + NVME Mod, sound good?

yes, it s perfect , tnx so much :slight_smile: !!!

@EDECAT - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=61921398879336599116 << NO ONE USE THIS BIOS = Brick!


If not already on UE9 BIOS, flash that BIOS in using stock Gigabyte method per UEFI/EFI BIOS update method
Then, for mod BIOS >> Flash via Qflash

1. 306A6 dupe microcode removed + all updated to latest
2. NVME Mod (Small inserted, large one would take a few hours to sort out, but it can be done)
3. RST EFI + oRom updated to w/ TRIM (Both)