[Request] Bios MOD Foxconn H67M-S

Hey Folks, iam new here but i already flashed few bioses. Modded some but here i cant get thru.

i have two flasher so no problem if it breaks.

what i want to do?

Update the Bios with latest Intel ME (faild because of size)
Latest Microcode (Works with UBU)
Latest Roms
NVME Support if possible
Fully Unlock the Bios Menu
Unlock OC

if someone can help me it would be great

Bios download: http://www.foxconnchannel.com/driverdown…01/C29F1P03.zip

That’s a long list of stuff you can easily do with guides here, except maybe the unlock BIOS menus. What are you really having issues with on the update side? ME size issue? Follow the ME Cleanup guide and use the correct ME for your system and all will be fine.
Microcodes, roms can be updated with UBU. NVME can be inserted following the guide we have here - [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

Since you want ME updated and have programmer, it’s much easier to do this from a dumped BIOS. Dump the BIOS and then reprogram in the one with updated ME and unlocked FD, then rest you can reflash as you go with the other mods/updates/changes.
Post a dump from your programmer here, I’ll unlock the FD and update the ME for you, then you use that file to do rest of modifications to (That way FD remains unlocked and ME stays same, no matter how you flash it later)

Thanks for doing this. i know its a large list. and you do it in your free time etc.

i started modding my bios


- i updated micocodes (works fine)
- unlocked some menus (but see the structure its doubled but only the lower entrys are shown (i this case i really need help)
- i downloaded the right me (Intel ME 8 1.5MB Firmware v8.1.70.1590 For 6/7/X79/C600/C210-series systems which run ME 1.5MB v8) but i always get some errors and cant solve them.

ME Firmware needs to be done via this method - [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization
ME Repo thread to get RGN ME file - Intel Engine: Firmware Repositories
Section “C” Here to get the ME System Tools package for FITc - Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools

Or you can update it using FW Update tool in the ME System Tools Package

Unlocking the BIOS, I can do. Please take some images of the BIOS for me, you might be able to screenshot to USB (plug in before you boot to BIOS), using F12 key.
If not, use a camera and 7zip the files for me if you don’t resize them, I don’t need 3-5MB single images, even 1MB image is too much really, so if you can adjust your camera size of resolution before or reize the images after that would be appreciated.
I need to see at least one image of each section, but feel free to provide images of all subsections and all settings if you want, scrolled up and down if needed etc. If you can F12 screenshot that will be really easy to do.

ok i will try it to update me thanks for your help.

here are the pictures no screenshot was possible :frowning:

https://ufile.io/9t0oy ~300kb per picture

what i mean with 2 structured trees you will see if you open the bios. normaly there is only one tree and you can unlock but here i dont get it and it dont works.

Thanks for the BIOS images, and thanks for making them small too

I can do ME if you can’t, don’t worry, I was only trying to let you know it should be easy on your end with FW Update tool, or you can use the clean ME guided method and edit actual BIOS.
No need to explain about BIOS layout, I know all about it and yes I know what you mean that in some BIOS only a single “tree”

On your image of “F-Center” you commented about you can’t overclock CPU, is that a locked CPU? I mean it’s not K CPU, so you can only run at Intel spec or less (33x) So you can’t see 37 or 39, only 33 or less for each of the 1-6 core limit settings.
In OS, under load, with turbo enabled, 3700 MHz (1 or 2 cores), 3600 MHz (3 cores), 3500 MHz (4 cores) << This is default Intel spec, nothing you can set manually above 33x, this will be done automatically by Turbo function, you can set less than this if you want for each one (or exactly this, but no point in that)
If I misunderstood what you mean, edit that image again by itself (with larger note text) and show me exactly which setting you try to change to what.

I’ll work on BIOS now and get back to you soon with unlock, as you know some settings may still be invisible once I unlock (Since I don’t have images of your entire BIOS post-unlock), so you may need to take my mod BIOS back into AMIBCP and set user to anything you see missing in the new unlocked sections.
You know how all that works, you just compare what you see/know is visible in BIOS (or use images) vs what you see in AMIBCP and set User on Access level to the ones that are still missing after I unlock.

Do you want both “Save & Exit” or just the advanced hidden one instead? Trying to cut back on menus, since it may mess up graphically anyway if they don’t have images for all those coded into the BIOS already.

* Edit @pxrave - Here, this has all menus unlocked, except last secondary security, no reason for that one. So now you can enable/disable whatever else you want via AMIBCP. If you want to hide a duplicate menu such as Save & Exit, at root of setup, set “Show” to NO on the one you want to hide
I also updated ME and microcodes all to latest, and did the NVME Mod - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…587591896076619
Program this onto chip, due to ME Update, it’s much easier that way, then all mods after that you can flash normally if you want, build/edit from this BIOS as your new base, then all these changes will always remain as your starting point
Or, you can put in MEBIOS folder and flash the official way, using autoexec.bat which calls FPT to flash but only after it saves your UUID, that way your UUID gets preserved via that entire process, up to you.


There is two BIOS files, one with menus BCP enabled at root of setup, unsure if that was needed after the magic string mod I did to unlock menus. Magic String method is explained here & here, yours starts at 0000FCF3h
Try the non BCP one first, since it may not be needed and may actually cause the other mod to not work since it’s on top of that, sometimes you only need one or the other, but other times you need both, you’ll have to see which enables it all.

thank you so much for your help. i will check it and report back

// @Lost_N_BIOS

what i mean about oc is all 1155 CPU are oc over 400mhz with Z67, P67, Z77 and some H67, H77 boards. I saw the hidden bios menu and unlocked it to try (with my z board i can oc this cpu to 3900 mhz instead of the max all core of 3500) this works with all non k cpu of sandy and ivy.

probably there is some magic to do in the bios that the oc works (thats what i mean) its very common nowadays to hide features of the hardware to sell them into another model for a higher price.

// i will try the me mod myself to learn how things are done.

//edit 2 @Lost_N_BIOS magic string works fine. everything is updated very well. i unlocked the cpu core and xmp menu with bcp. graphics are messed up but no problem for me. thanks for modding my bios. if you want you or i can post it at bios modding results.

@pxrave - You’re quick You’re welcome too. Please see my edit above, about UUID and flashing method!

Thanks for report back @pxrave I know what you mean about the CPU overclock then, this could be done via Bclk, but not CPU multiplier, cpu multi wouldn’t go above what Intel; locked the CPU multi’s into.
But, I would imagine some could be adjusted at F-Center >> Performance Tuning >> Non Turbo Ratio Override (Could be set up to 37 possibly) + Reference Ratio (Any, some CPU’s don’t like certain multi’s here) + Host Clock Override(1/100 MHz) (Bclk)
Some things may need adjusted in ME FW to allow OC (ICC Profiles may need unlocked). For this, compare with P67 ME settings in FITc and set similar, then redo the clean ME process with the new settings in ME FW again.
I could look into that if you need me to, I know a few certain things need to bet set certain ways to allow OC

So, all the menu’s show up now? If yes, did each get it’s own tab and proper image, or does it scroll past the screen to other menus and all current tabs/images stay in place?

Graphics are messed up, what does that mean? vBIOS, or how BIOS looks now? Show me if you meant BIOS, maybe something can be done.
If you meant graphics non-BIOS image related, maybe vBIOS needs updated which I can also do for you too if you can’t figure that out.


i will take a look into it maybe i find a solution. i unlocked icc and blc also cpu multi. intel allows allcore turbo of 39 @i5 3550. if iam not successful i would call you for help unlock the oc.
i can setup blc and multi in the bios up to intel’s limits (this works) but values arent applied.

all menus working correct but the bios images doesnt fit anymore. (its no problem for me) everything works like it should (didnt changed much values) if you want take a look at my last modification

vbios update should be a good part of bios mod because i use only intel hd (office and workstation pc)

this is the bios of z68 board from foxconn http://www.foxconnchannel.com/driverdown…OS/C39F1P02.zip

I’m not referring to something in a BIOS setting you “Unlock”, I’m talking about the actual ME FW programming settings, this is similar but unrelated to a “BIOS Mod” This is done with Intel FITc program from the ME System Tools Packages.

Show me some pics of the messed up BIOS images, I expected some might not fit, that’s why I was mentioning you could disable some you might not want to use (Duplicates) by either setting “Show” to No in AMIBCP, or edit the magic string and disable there if you want (It’s in the PE 32 Setup module, not the long GUID ending in 0000000)

I will look at the Z68 BIOS and if necessary edit your ME FW to match, using your above linked BIOS as source. Due to ME Changes if I do that, you will need to put on with programmer
Yes, OC is all disabled at ME FW Level. I’m editing your BIOS now and will post soon for you, then you program back in and try OC again!
For your reference, here is a little bit of info about ME FW and Overclocking in regards to these boards (H67/P67/Z68 etc) - https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/f…series-laptops/
See also, the MW FW Bring up guide, all the stuff you see in settings shown in green is about Overclocking, yellow is defaults etc - http://www.corus.pro/pilotes/VAD/VAD517/…0.1248%20PV.pdf

* Edit @pxrave - here, this has OC enable ME FW now. Put on with programmer and then remove all power from board for 1+ Minute, by unplug power supply, press and hold power button for one minute.
Or, after programming, in windows or DOS, with FPT, issue this command >> FPTw.exe -greset
Then reboot to BIOS and try some OC now

wow so fast. thank you so much. you realy done much for me.
i talked with svet from msi too and he did the mod for my msi gaming nb.
absolutely incredible what you can do with some “simple” software(firmware) unlocks. i will try and test. if it works you upgraded my motherboard to z series. FTW.

about the graphics, i already but some menu in the shadow but there are manu_images missing (because there are much more menus now) for example new save bios settings menu is now at power picture. but its oc i think its to much to create new menu_pictures to have a clean stock like setup.

can i use multiplier and blck oc? blck i never set more then 101 because the old series have a shared blck. dont want to damage sth.
i try’d the cpu in one of my z77 boards. i cant setup
1c 41
2c 41
3c 40
4c 39
so 3900 = allcore turbo
i can setup this values in the previous bios too, but intel me (or sth else) blocked it to stock 1c=37 2c=37 3c=36 4c=35


i did both methods (reset power and the command pc successs fully reboot and setup bios)
tomorrow i can send you some pictures about icc and cpu multi
your mod wasn’t successful no oc possible. no blck or multi change allowed (maybe sku must be set to z68 like the new me mod for 170 and 270 boards)
i checked my h77 msi nb bios and this h67 bios icc and there are more values addable min max values… i will take photos of it easy’ to explain.

You’re welcome! I’m not sure if this works for H67, but I do remember doing it for some in the past and it worked, can’t remember which chipset though but I assume probably H67 since all Z77 would already have it enabled, but I suppose maybe it was some rare instances on Z77 it wasn’t and I’m thinking about those edits?

I didn’t mean to make more BIOS tab images, I only wanted to see if the amount actually increased or stayed the same no matter how many menus are enabled.
If it stays the same then nothing we can do, if it did enable a few more then maybe only certain ones can be enabled without it messed up the tab images, you can disable some still, or just ignore and tab or arrow over to next and not even look up to see which section it’s showing it as.

The way I edited the ME FW, the clocks are separate, so yes you can bclk OC. Sorry it didn’t work, maybe it’s not possible on yoru chipset, or foxconn left off some component/resistor that’s needed for it to work fully.
And yes, I also considered SKU change. Keep in mind, ICC in “BIOS” is not same as ICC settings in ME FW. I did not adjust anything in the BIOS ICC settings, I forgot to check that, so that may be all that’s needing adjusting still in the BIOS I sent you.
I just checked now, and for the Foxconn Z68 vs your BIOS, I see Use Watchdog Timer for ICC is enabled on yours and disabled on the Z68, all the rest is the same. This is at hidden Advanced >> Enabled

i already disabled watchdog timer.
i read the intel pdf about enable oc and checked my me mod of the h77m it shows bios icc min max values div1 div2 etc…
min max is 100 or 120
my h77m board have max value 800 min 100 like the intel pdf so i think probalby change the sku and enable some more stuff could be helpful but its up to you. i try’d a bit but its to much for my beginner skills.
i did a comparison between z77 z67 and h67 in icc settings (all the same) so its some hidden config in the data.

// edit
@Lost_N_BIOS today i try’d fancy stuff i flashed the z68 bios to the board (foxconn didnt updated z68 to gui uefi, only text) looks like oc works here. now its up to you. do you think mod the me of our h67 bios and change sku to z68 etc can enable oc here? its like upgrade the board to a new level.

Can you upload this z68 bios file, thank you

H67 can use Z68 bios, I tried it, but I don’t flash it on windows