[REQUEST] Clevo NH58DBQ Bios Unlock/Modding

Hello, have now read through here a bit. Would like to ask a question about my laptop Clevo NH58DBQ Bios regarding Unlock/Modding.

Other data would be:
Intel Core i5-10300 CPU @ 2.50 GHz
ME FW Version:
System Memory: 640KB
Exended Memory: 16384 MB (DDR4)
MB Series: NH50_70DB.DE
BIOS Version: 1.07.13
KBC/EC Firmware Revision: 1.07.05

Is this possible? I’m not familiar with it at all, but I see that my BIOS menu shows very little and I would like to have more settings. Would need the BIOS then in *.bin.
LG and thanks in advance for the help…

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A wonderful good morning to you,
have I given too little information or is something missing from my request?

Have with you via the search the contribution of @RecS found. How can I apply this to me?

PS: Here is my BIOS: BIOS Download