[REQUEST] Clevo NH58DEQ Bios Unlock/Modding

And I have a few questions please.

1) My laptop supports till 2993 mhz and my 3200 mhz samsung dimms work on 2993 too. Now that the bios unlocked and there is memory frequency option, If I set the value to 3200, Can my laptop handle this or won’t boot ?

2) If the answer of the 1st question is no, What would happen If I changed my ram to Dimms which supports 3200 but 2666 jdec ? Would it work on 2933 or won’t boot again ?

3) As you can see in the attached image, My serial number is not visible neither on bios nor on windows. On both of the platforms, It says ‘‘not appleciable’’. This happened when I updated my bios using InsydeFFT 2 months ago and my serial number gone. Moreover the serial number under the laptop’s cover is also death because it is deleted while using. So when I send my laptop to the service (I have death pixel issiue) They won’t be able to check the serial number and warranty deathline. So I need to add my serial number into bios again. Is that possible ?

4)Can you give me the instructions as you said please ? I want to use your method when a new bios update comes up or even on different Monster (clevo) Laptops. Because In turkey It is impossible to find a source or anything about bios modding and I am the only person who have this now. I want to help other people who are like me and searched for weeks to unlock bios. (if allowed, in that forum too)

Thank you Thank you Thank you :slight_smile:

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-10 at 15.55.42 (3).jpeg

Nobody should install other people’s BIOS! This one is just for him.
And thanks to the experience of modding this BIOS, now I have a very small clue on how to make a modification of the Lenovo Y540 because they are similar.

Give me some time.


yes friend …

Hi friend, i can say that Sweet Kitten is the more brilliant modder here and i too can learn from him :wink:

You used the Generalized method for Insyde that i and Sovem used a lot of time ago … this is the Bios Region extracted

I read all thread and got it the variable that RecS searched Variable 13B5 , so activing that it was shown all menu …

But that is far from the rest of bioses we have studied and this is like others touch of luck for us , but i would to check all others bioses to see if

there is something again …

This activated the Debug Mode :wink:

I will wait :slight_smile:

I changed what I said there and said never install it. Nevertheless, I didn’t remove the model numbers similiar to my laptop so that they can find this topic if they search their laptop’s model number on the forum. I guess It’s ok.

I am glad that the time you spent on my BIOS helped you too as an experience to mod another laptop(s).

Only if both laptop and memory support this frequency, then this is possible.

I’m afraid your data is lost forever.

I don’t think I filmed something very useful. The video is only available via the link. This is the most I can do. And I just don’t like text instructions, because it makes people ask even more questions.

I think I need your help for the last time sir :frowning: as far as I remember, after I flashed the modded bios, overclock menu was enabled. But currently (I think happened after load setup defaults) It is in grey colour. It is visible but cannot enter the menu.

grey colour overclock menu.jpeg

I see. Download.

It works! btw you said above that no one should install others’ bios. Does that include nh58deq users too or just the models I mentioned above? Shouldn’t I share this to somenone who has the same laptop ?

Memory xmp support confirmed.jpeg

As a precaution, you should always make BIOS modifications for each individual laptop again.

How about the Lenovo Y700 15-ISK?

This is the case for the flashing using Intel FPT.

This is what I was actually replying to but seems the reply function isn’t working.

@Zucker2k , we know how to unlock Lenovo Y700 15-ISK. If you need, make a request and post a link to download the BIOS dump made by backup tools. Your message will not be missed.

Would I be able to flash it with FPT? I can unlock the FD for bios writes, but there are Protected Range Registers.

Hi friend, Sweet Kitten wrote that we can do (i know that can be some difficulties, as there is the FLOCKDN, but he knows how to do disabling ME) , actually there is only this variable to lock the eeprom :

0x71114 One Of: BIOS Lock, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x4B3, VarStore: 0x1234, QuestionId: 0x51D, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x1, Step: 0x0 {05 91 80 02 81 02 1D 05 34 12 B3 04 10 10 00 01 00}
0x71125 One Of Option: Disabled, Value (8 bit): 0x0 (default) {09 07 04 00 30 00 00}
0x7112C One Of Option: Enabled, Value (8 bit): 0x1 {09 07 03 00 00 00 01}
0x71133 End One Of {29 02}

There are two ways to flash this bios :

1. Fpt tool
2. Frashrom Tool (USB)

Please make the result file and upload here for Sweet Kitten … i trusth in him, he is the best modder here !

I saw the thread you created. I thought you were done with registers already, and now you just ask for menus unlock.
So the situation is different, and I should apologize for disturbing you, @BDMaster .

@Zucker2k your bios has multi-level rewrite protection…you need SPI-programmer onlt

This doesn’t unlock the bios. I have it disabled with H2OUVE tool but the bios is still locked. I’ve used the tool to change everything that can be changed, including overclocking my RAM but it’s not the most convenient way. I just want to be able to access the “Advanced Menu” inside bios and make changes there.

0x80 = User Access Level (0x4=Full)
0x4B3 = Bios Lock (0)
0x84A = Config Lock (0)
0x8E8 = TDC Lock
0x862 = Overclocking Lock (0)
0xC92 = MC Lock (0)

0x2E4 = Overclocking Feature Enable = (1)
0x2E6 = CPU Flex Ratio Override (1)
0x2E7 = CPU Flex Ratio Settings (1)
0x50F = H2OUVE Support (1)
0x1E9 = EC Turbo Control Mode (1)
0x3EC = Core Max OC Ratio (23)
0x2DB = Expected CPU Frequency

0x574 = ICC Profile (0)
0x575 = ICC Locks after EOP (0x2)
0x303 = ICC/OC Watchdog Timer
0x30A = ICC PLL Shutdown (0 = Disabled)
0x102 = TCO WatchDog Support (1 - Enabled)
0x103 = WatchDog ACPI Table

0x83E = Platform PL1 Enable (1)
0x83F = Platform PL1 Power
0x843 = Platform PL1 Time Window (0x80)
0x844 = Platform PL2 Enable (1)
0x845 = Platform PL2 Power

0x4C3 = Package Power Limit MSR Lock (
0x1A3 = Energy Efficient P-state (1)
0x1A5 = Power Limit 1
0x1A9 = Power Limit 1 Override (1)
0x1AA = Power Limit 1 Time Window (0x80)

0x1AB = Power Limit 2 Override (1)
0x1AC = Power Limit 2

0x1B8 = Power Limit 4 Override (1)
0x1B9 = Power Limit 4
0x1BD = Power Limit 4 Lock

0x85E = 1-Core Ratio Limit Override (23)
0x85F = 2-Core Ratio Limit Override (23)
0x860 = 3-Core Ratio Limit Override (23)
0x861 = 4-Core Ratio Limit Override (23)
0xDB4 = Energy Efficient Turbo (1)
0x872 = VR Config Enable
0x873 = VR Config Enable
0x873 = Core/IA VR Domain Enable
0x874 = Ring VR Config Enable

0x2E5 = IMON Scaling Support (1)
0x4D7 = Spread Spectrum clock Chip (0x2)
0x1B7 = Power Limit 3 Lock (0)
0x1B0 = Power Limit 3 Override (1)

0x31E = Configurable TDP Lock (0)
0x31F = Custom Configurable TDP (1)
0x505 = CTDP BIOS control (1)
0x316 = ConfigTDP Enabled (1)
0x318 = Configurable TDP Boot Mode (1)
0x320 = Custom ConfigTDP Boot Index (0x2)
0x321 = Custom ConfigTDP Count (3=Max)
0x32A = Power Limit 1 Time Window (128=Max)
0x32B = ConfigTDP Turbo Activation Ratio (35)
0x32C = ConfigTDP Config TDP Control (2=Max)
0x335 = Power Limit 1 Time Window (128=Max)

0xD08 = Me FW Image Re-Flash (1)
0xD17 = ME State (0=Disable)
0x1FF = Local FW Update (1)
0xD0D = Core Bios Done (1)
0xC10 = DMI Max Link Speed (3)

0x918 = RSR Enable (1)
0x3BA = Lock Thermal Management Registers (0)
0x510 = Hardware P States Enable (HWP) (1)
0x199 = Hyper-Threading Enable (0)

0x180 = DVMT Pre-Allocated (08 = 256MB)
0x181 = DVMT Total Gfx Mem (03 = Max)

The tool can access other bios modules besides the three setup menus, ie. Setup, Setup Default, and Custom. I wonder if the unlock is outside the setup menus, and inside the other menus?


I know it , but i made the same mod on Acer Aspire E5-571 with the same protection and at last we flashed the mod …

How do i bios mod my acer Aspire E5-571-37CB using linux mint only

I have the PM where i posted the modified bioses to test and at last he flashed it by Flashrom and he said me that the last one i made was the only one
he was be able to flash into eeprom …
We used H2OUVE and the WinTest like ataigun , you know Outsyde etc. you were there too … so on Acer we disabled the ME and he unlocked the Descriptor,
but after all there was a lock to reflash the mod … and making an hard modify he flashed by flashrom it
After that i wrote again to him to post all and make a tutorial, but he got the goal vanished (his laptop have got a Linux)


My bios: https://file.io/dhsxtaeLhkWn