[Request] Clevo P870DM-G MOD

Would want an unlocked bios. (with the - offset enabled)
Also I would like Coffee Lake support on it, Rtx mxm support. Also Innolux N173HHE-G32 pannel support.
Will pay anyone who manages that.

Want to upgrade the clevo p870dm-g to an 8700K, RTX 2070, and also change the panel to the one requested. (I know hardware mods are necessary, I can do those, but I suck at firmware).



P870DMG.rar (3.41 MB)


@runix18 - what “offset” do you need enabled? If you want unlocked BIOS menu, please zip for me one image of each BIOS page you can see now, so I can see at a glance what’s visible to you.

What is the SSPEC of your 8700K, it’s printed on top of CPU? BIOS Menu unlock I can do Coffee mod, maybe (never mind, I doubt it, this BIOS is too incompatible - no Intel vBIOS/GOP, not sure how to apply PCIE fixes required for MXM cards etc)

If this model is not shipped with 2070, then you need BIOS from exact same model that is shipped with that, so vBIOS can be extracted and swapped into this one. vBIOS from other model will not work.
Actually, I checked BIOS, and vBIOS is not included in these BIOS, so vBIOS is on card and you’d need vBIOS dump from this exact model shipped with that exact card, to then program into your 2070 - So, unless this is a thing, and you have said vBIOS, using 2070 here is not possible.

Panel I can possibly sort out for you, what happens now when you try to use it?

Please download V11 ME System tools from section “C.2” of this thread, and in the MEINFO/Win32 folder, run this command and show me image of the bottom of the report >> MEINFOWin.exe -verbose
If Measured or Verified Boot is enabled on the Left/FPF side, you cannot modify this BIOS, at least not areas you’re discussing here, otherwise = brick due to Intel Boot Guard

So, sorry, but I guess maybe only thing I can do for you is unlock BIOS menu if you want?

Thx for the interest in my problem.

First story…
The Clevo P870DM-G is the first generation of P870 Clevo series. I comes with an I7 6700k, and maxwell 3.0B MXM Gpu`s. (chipset is Z170).
On NBR forums, there is a cross flashed bios (dsanke bios) (based on the Clevo P870TM (the Z370 chipset)). That bios basicaly alowes for coffe lake and coffe lake refresh support. You could say why I do not use that. The thing is that bios on this version of laptop causes a lot of problems (random shutdowns, allegedly kills the soundcard, and other problems).
Again on NBR there is a topic where MR. Fox installed on this an 8700K and a GTX 1080, with the help of Prema (the thing is that he somehow made the 8700k, the gtx 1080, and later compatibility for a 120hz panel on this laptop based on the original BIOS, not a 870TM (z390 bios). A lot of hardware mod have been made (I can do those, it is not a problem for me), but I have no ideea what to do with firmware.

I need the "-" offset in the overclocking menus, so I can basicaly undervolt the CPU.
I do not own an 8700k yet.
The Rtx series gpu was never officialy supported on this Notebook series (all of them from DM to TM). But in theory if all hardware mods are done the card works as is (it is the inconvenience of modding drivers for it at every install/update)
I do not own that pannel yet, and actualy I have no ideea why it should not work as is. (like I said I suck at this things)
I do want unlocked menus.
In the PCS.rar you have the 5mb bios and the 8 mb bios.

ME reading.jpg

PCS.rar (5.7 MB)

You can tag dsanke (@ directly followed by username, like I did above for you) about that here and ask him if he’s made new version and possibly fixed any of those concerns, or if they are actual/valid concerns or just some random user had issues and not everyone.
On your MR.Fox comment, none of that applied to what you asked about here, so it doesn’t help anything in your request situation, except maybe the panel if it’s the same panel AND you have a copy of that BIOS and vBIOS

I can unlock the menu as mentioned, not an issue, but you’d have to a lot more specific when you mention offset because searching the BIOS settings via IFR “Offset” is used WAY too many times to find what you are talking about.
But, for CPU I see these voltage options, so I assume you mean one of these with offset in the name

Numeric: Core Max OC Ratio, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x48, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x96, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x53, Step: 0x1 {07 91 F2 02 F3 02 96 00 01 00 48 00 10 10 00 53 01}
0x1C95C Default: DefaultId: 0x0, Value (8 bit): 0x0 {5B 06 00 00 00 00}
0x1C962 End {29 02}
0x1C964 One Of: Core Voltage Mode, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x49, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x97, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x1, Step: 0x0 {05 91 F4 02 F5 02 97 00 01 00 49 00 10 10 00 01 00}
0x1C975 One Of Option: Adaptive, Value (8 bit): 0x0 (default) {09 07 FE 02 30 00 00}
0x1C97C One Of Option: Override, Value (8 bit): 0x1 {09 07 FF 02 00 00 01}
0x1C983 End One Of {29 02}
0x1C985 Numeric: Core Voltage Override, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x4A, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x98, Size: 2, Min: 0x0, Max 0x7D0, Step: 0x1 {07 94 F6 02 F7 02 98 00 01 00 4A 00 10 11 00 00 D0 07 01 00}
0x1C999 Default: DefaultId: 0x0, Value (16 bit): 0x0 {5B 07 00 00 01 00 00}
0x1C9A0 End {29 02}
0x1C9A2 Numeric: Core Extra Turbo Voltage, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x4F, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x99, Size: 2, Min: 0x0, Max 0x7D0, Step: 0x1 {07 94 FC 02 FD 02 99 00 01 00 4F 00 10 11 00 00 D0 07 01 00}
0x1C9B6 Default: DefaultId: 0x0, Value (16 bit): 0x0 {5B 07 00 00 01 00 00}
0x1C9BD End {29 02}
0x1C9BF Numeric: Core Voltage Offset, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x4C, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x9A, Size: 2, Min: 0x0, Max 0x3E8, Step: 0x1 {07 94 F8 02 F9 02 9A 00 01 00 4C 00 10 11 00 00 E8 03 01 00}
0x1C9D3 Default: DefaultId: 0x0, Value (16 bit): 0x0 {5B 07 00 00 01 00 00}
0x1C9DA End {29 02}
0x1C9DC One Of: Offset Prefix, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x4E, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x9B, Size: 1, Min: 0x0, Max 0x1, Step: 0x0 {05 91 02 03 05 03 9B 00 01 00 4E 00 10 10 00 01 00}
0x1C9ED One Of Option: +, Value (8 bit): 0x0 (default) {09 07 00 03 30 00 00}
0x1C9F4 One Of Option: -, Value (8 bit): 0x1 {09 07 01 03 00 00 01}
0x1C9FB End One Of {29 02}
0x1C9FD Numeric: Core PLL Voltage Offset, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0x9F, VarStore: 0x1, QuestionId: 0x9C, Size: 2, Min: 0x0, Max 0x3F, Step: 0x1 {07 94 FA 02 FB 02 9C 00 01 00 9F 00 10 11 00 00 3F 00 01 00}
0x1CA11 Default: DefaultId: 0x0, Value (16 bit): 0x0 {5B 07 00 00 01 00 00}
0x1CA18 End {29 02}

Looks like Boot Guard disabled, so we can flash in mod BIOS without bricking at least, but we already know that now since you said dsanke made mod BIOS for this already.
Please do below, and let me know what error you get if any at step #2, if none, send me this biosreg.bin file. If there is error, upload nothing, and tell me the error #.
Also, do not include 8MB BIOS again, or any copy of BIOS I don’t ask for, so I’m not downloading things multiple times that I already have or don’t need etc - thanks
If you have already modified the BIOS in ANY way, you will need to re-flash it back to factory defaults using factory method (NOT FPT)!!!

If you do not have Intel ME drivers installed, install them now from your system driver download page, then start over here after reboot.
Check your BIOS’ main page and see if ME FW version is shown. If not then > DOWNLOAD HWINFO64 HERE <

Once HWINFO is open, look at the large window on the left side, expand motherboard, and find the ME area.
Inside that section is the ME Firmware version. Take note of the version. (ie. write it down or get a screenshot)

Once you have that, go to the thread linked below, and in the section “C.2” find and download the matching ME System Tools Package for your system.
(ie if ME FW version = 10.x get V10 package, if 9.0-9.1 get V9.1 package, if 9.5 or above get V9.5 package etc)
> DOWNLOAD " ME System Tools " packages HERE <

Once downloaded, inside you will find Flash Programming Tool folder, and then inside that a Windows or Win/Win32 folder (NOT x64).
Highlight that Win/Win32 folder, then hold shift and press right click. Choose “open command window here” (Not power shell! >> * See Registry file below *).

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

((If “open command window here” does not appear, look for the “Simple Registry Edit” below…))

Step #1

Now you should be at the command prompt.
You are going to BACKUP the factory un-modified firmware, so type the following command:
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin "

>> Attach the saved "biosreg.bin ", placed into a compressed ZIP/RAR file, to your next post!!! <<

Step #2

Right after you do that, try to write back the BIOS Region dump and see if you get any error(s).
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -f biosreg.bin "
^^ This step is important! Don’t forget! ^^

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

Here is a SIMPLE REGISTRY EDIT that adds “Open command window here as Administrator” to the right click menu, instead of Power Shell
Double-click downloaded file to install. Reboot after install may be required

If the windows method above does NOT work for you…
Then you may have to copy all contents from the Flash Programming Tool \ DOS folder to the root of a Bootable USB disk and do the dump from DOS
( DOS command: " FPT.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin " )

Yes, I want all options in bios unlocked and all that set the voltage offset with - , (core, system agent, cpu cache). i want to achieve something like screen from throtlestop.
and also received no error when writing bios dump back.



biosreg.rar (2.3 MB)

Sorry to bother you, I know you are super busy, but have you manage to make any progress with the clevo bios?


Guys I am also interested about what is result…

Regard myself I would like to ask if is possible run on the p870dm a 3080 mxm cards? at the moment i have unlocked bios from eurocom and installed 2070 … I would like to upggrade on a 3080 mxm… thanks so much for any experience in this matter. P.

Like I asked you on the tech inferno forums, what chipset do you have? For the Pascal/RTX Gpus to work with p870dm you need an MXM mod done also mod a P870DM3 heatsink to fit and also mod a VGA aux cable for the new card.

That’s why I am asking again, are you sure you have the original DM?