[Request] CPU Microcode Update for ASUS P5Q Pro BIOS

Hi, im new here. i have a asus p5q pro motherboard and a intel core 2 quad q6600 cpu. can i build a bios that supports lastest microcodes? im trying to use the retpoline patches but bios is old. im using windows 10 x64. any help? sorry my bad english :slight_smile: thanks

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@cinefilo1979 - Please link to the BIOS you are using, or do you just want me to mod the latest BIOS for this board? What is retpoline patche?

Retropoline windows 10 patch is only for haswell and broadwell with latest microcodes. I don’t think q6600 has microcodes for spectre.

@cinefilo1979 :
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Since your request has not much to do with the “normal” BIOS modules (Option ROMs and EFI DXE Drivers), I have moved your post and the related thread into this better matching and more specific Sub-Forum about the CPU Microcode Optimization.
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@cinefilo1979 - here is latest BIOS with all microcodes updated to latest + Added for Xeon CPU too in case others want this BIOS later

thank you bro

I just downloaded and want to tray
In my mobo asus p5q pro with x5450 the reason I want to install win10 64bit
Now with the original bios is work perfect in win7 64bit but cannot install win 10 64bit so hope this add microcode can fix thank
And one last how can update bios

@Ferasi - Motherboard shouldn’t stop you from installing Win10, what is the error/reason it give you before??
Flash via EZ Flash from USB

* Edit - Maybe you have to use the beta EFI/UEFI BIOS for P5Q PRO for Win10? With that, once I find it, we can put in NVME mod too.
@ket - I found your 5th anniversary package, do you still have the original untouched EFI/UEFI beta for P5Q PRO, or should I just go ahead and mod/update your edit?
Maybe it’s included, not sure, still downloading Yes, never mind, I see one package is mod and one w/ tools is stock, sorry for the tag I got it
Never mind - None of these are the UEFI BIOS, and all look to be modified “m” in name - do you have the stock untouched version for P5Q PRO and the UEFI one?

@Lost_N_BIOS i have a p5q motherboard.
I attached the bios.
It is possible to have the latest micro-codes? I don’t need xeon support.

P5Q-ASUS-2209.zip (715 KB)

@boombastick - Sure thing, here you go, I went ahead and added 771-775 Xeon too because I’m sure others will use as well
This does not affect your non-Xeon usage

@Lost_N_BIOS thanks for the bios. Before i flash it the platform ids is not the same for the microcodes is this a problem?

My cpu is a q9300 with cpuid10676 but i the modded bios for the cpuid 10676 the platform id is different.

Basically all is ok and i will update later.
My q9300 is cpuid10677 and the same exist in modded bios.
As i understand you removed the 2 x 10676 Revision 606 in original bios and you put there the updated 3 x Revision 612 (8/2/2015) (platforms 0,2,4,6,7).

Thanks you @Lost_N_BIOS !!


First thank for sharing the bios mode alredy flashing and now is work perfectly and install win 10 64 bit everything is normal with no editing any thing proplem come yet so nice job

I don’t waht you talk but already fix my mobo problem

@boombastik - This is because Intel combined some platform ID’s into others, if you see the part in parentheses (0, 4) is still there but under new “platoform” name is all.
So yes, all will be OK Yes, I removes 0, and 2 separately and replaced with 0, 2, 4, 6, 7, so all are covered.

@Ferasi - Thanks for quick report back, and glad to hear you can now install Win10

Your bios worked as always like a charm in my p5q! @Lost_N_BIOS

Great to hear it, thanks for report back @boombastik

I can confirm the the hybrid sleep in this bios you created it works. So the q9300 new microcode made the job!

@Lost_N_BIOS in the power section tab of p5q bios that you created can you see the option Check Ready Bit?

@Lost_N_BIOS can you take a look in my above question in case you didn’t notice it?

@boombastik - Sorry for late reply! You are using that BIOS, correct? If yes, only you can tell me what you see in the BIOS, I don’t have this board so I can’t look
But, I looked with AMIBCP, I don’t even see the option you mention “Check ready bit”, so I doubt it’s there for you in the BIOS. Sometimes stuff is there we don’t see in AMIBCP, but that’s very rare.


Yes i use that bios. These are my bios options in the youtube video.

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfSzleHLEkM

In 0:24 are the hdd options and at 1:33 the power options.
Do you see there anything related to hybrid sleep ?