[Request] CPU Voltage Settings for Gigabyte Aorus x470 Ultra Gaming

Hey ho and greetings.
First of all the system:
Ryzen 7 5800X3D
Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce X II 360 AIO
Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming
Corsair Dominator 2x 16Gb 3600Mhz
MSI RTX 3090 Ventus 3x Oc

hopefully someone would help me out
i want to undervolt my 5800X3D also the CPU Voltage Negative Offset
Is it possible that someone enable it in the lastest bios


It was the F63 on the site but my Gigabyte App said its F64f

why i want to undervolt this CPU ?
It runs AT Boost with 4300 - 4350Mhz but with an offset in PBO2 -30 it runs stable with 4450Mhz on all cores and way cooler as before now under Cinebench r23 around 78c with an Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce X II 360 and after the offset its around 65 - 70c stable!

i just test all ways with the PBO2

Thanks in advance!

So is there also no chance to unlock undervolting also (CPU Voltage Negative Offset) in the Bios ?

PBO offset is effective at boost only?

the main problem was you cant reach the maximum boost if the cpu was at theyr boost down temperature so if you undervolt the 5800x or X3D you have a alot lower temperature it will handle the maximum boost permanently if needed so and the gigabyte support tryd to lie about they said:

Undervolting is not supported to ensure system stability

This was such a big lie because its way more stable at -10 or -20 or -30 depend on your CPU

Please could some one help me out

Ok. How do you control PBO offset? Via bios AMD Overclocking menu?

i dont get it what you want? as i said i WONT use PBO2 because its just a one time setting or you put it into autostart with some start options i want someone who can change the newest bios for the x470 aorus ultra gaming to enable negative offset then i get my settings permanently without using software


With my question to you I wanted to make it easier to understand what is available to the user in the stock BIOS and what is not. You mentioned you can control PBO. Since PBO is only available from the bios section where CPU Voltage setting is located, I did not understand why the setting is not present.

As you wrote that some downloadable software was used for PBO control, I guess everything is clear now.

I attach the bios with CPU Voltage setting.
OEM flash utility won’t accept the file, so we have to resort using flashrom. Check readme markdown file included. When you cycle system power to boot from the USB flash drive device, flash process should begin automatically.

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AHHHHHH, now i understand mate.
yea the problem was Gigabyte didnt support cpu offset in the bios for 5800X3D cpu and i wwant undervolt my 5800X3d :slight_smile:

thanks for your work mate and have a very nice week :slight_smile:

Hey kitten i dont know whats wrong but he wont flash that bios file i dont know why just followed your readme about and second question why gigabyte removed the F63 from theyr site ?

An error during flash process or what?
The .img file contains DOS system inside. In order to boot you need to enable CSM support via BIOS Boot menu.

Don’t know.

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Ok it works well ty

Hey Kitten, also the Biosupdate works 100% perfect thanks for but i dont see any cpu voltage settings for my 5800X3D.

Ahhh and they added F64 now also non Beta


offset cpu voltage or something didnt work

Voltage doesn’t change? Doubt I can do anything about it.

there is no voltage setting for this cpu in the bios

Asus Crosshair VIII had this option for this cpu
also means i need a new board ?

AMD Overclocing menu is still not available after flashing my mod?

The menu was there before also there are only 5 Options:

Soc/uncore oc mode
Soc voltage
Vddp and
Vddg voltage control
*ddr freq timing

But no cpu core voltage or curves

This must be in the M.I.T → advance voltage settings →

This DVID is what i need for my 5800X3D

So you meant Dynamic Vcore? I thought about unlocking fixed cpu voltage.
Anyways, this option should be unlocked now as well as options under AMD oc menu. The file is updated.

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