[Request] Dell Latitude 7414/5414/7214 Rugged Extreme Bios v1.26 Unlock HiddenMenu


I’m doing the first step to do this, but i’m a little bit annoying to do some step to unlock the hidden menu.

I’ve extracted the Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body IFR from the bios V1.26

The latest bios :


The bios have a Biosguard, i suppose i need to dump with a eeprom programmer and flash the futur modded one with it too.

I join the setup body extraction.

Hope someone can help me

Regards, Ray.

Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body IFR.txt (1.59 MB)

Arf… i look if Lost’N SantaClaus leave me a “present” But nothing for the moment


This is my extracted bios with DeLL PFS Bios Extractor V4.6

Do you need absolutely the Raw Dump ?

Regards, Ray.

1 – 1 System BIOS with BIOS Guard v1.26.0.rar (4.67 MB)

Hi :Op

Soldered my ZiF socket. Dump Done.

File : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…368458545691574




@DoZe - So you added the socket above? If yes, nice work

Please download V11 ME System tools from this thread in section "C.2"
Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools

Then from MEINFO folder run this command and show me image of the bottom of the output >> MEINFOWin.exe -verbose

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Yep, i add the zif socket myself. A little bit difficult on 5414 Mobo, i admit.

GQ4x4 : https://www.mcumall.com/store/index.php?..t&product_id=47

Here’s my Meinfowin -verbose :slight_smile:

Regards, Ray


MeInfoVerbose.txt (9.06 KB)

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A new bios has just been released, V1.27.2 :


Enahncements :

- Firmware updates to address the Intel Technical Advisory
INTEL-TA-00391 (CVE-2020-8753, CVE-2020-8745, CVE-2020-8705, CVE-2020-8757, CVE-2020-8756, CVE-2020-8760, CVE-2020-8751, CVE-2020-8754, CVE-2020-8747, CVE-2020-8746,
CVE-2020-8749 CVE-2020-8752, CVE-2020-12303, CVE-2020-12355, and CVE-2020-12356).
- Firmware updates to address the Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00358 (CVE-2020-0587, CVE-2020-0591, CVE-2020-0592, and CVE-2020-0593).
- Firmware updates to address the Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00381 (CVE-2020-8696 and CVE-2020-8698).
- Firmware updates to address the Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00389 (CVE-2020-8694 and CVE-2020-8695).

After PFSE extractor 4.6 : Intel Management Engine (VPro) Update v11.8.82.3838

Hi :Op


What i can do (if necessary) :


Hi :O) No one to see if mod is possible please ?