[REQUEST] eMachines EM350 unlock BIOS

[REQUEST] eMachines EM350 unlock BIOS

The eMachines EM350 uses InsydeH20 v.3.5 1.10 BIOS, which is locked and needs to be unlocked to be able to get running on full power. As an example, the Video Ram is set (and locked) to 8MB only!

If possible the features for at least Plug-and-Play Support, Virtual Machine, and maybe some other should be enabled too! Look at the picture of BIOS Features.

The download of the installed BIOS from the eMachines website: https://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles…CHINES&SC=PA_6E

The driver download page is: https://www.emachines.com/ec/en/US/content/drivers.html and a search has to be done for Netbook-Netbook-350

of BIOS Page: https://i.postimg.cc/1zWn88zY/Main-Off-15.png
of HWinfo Main Page: https://i.postimg.cc/sXqMJb7Y/Main-Off-16.png
of HWinfo Mainboard Page: https://i.postimg.cc/xTKXKxCm/Main-Off-17.png
of HWinfo BIOS Features: https://i.postimg.cc/c4DV5ZrG/Main-Off-18.png

Thanks a lot for any help.

Forget to mention, that eMachines EM350 is running on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit with just 8MB Video RAM! That’s simply a PITA!

@Quaxth - I can maybe unlock this one, but am not 100% sure on the edit, may take 2-3 tries before it’s right.
Do you want to risk that on such an old machine, in case any BIOS bricks? I say this, because if anything bricks, depending on the BIOS chip type, you may need to spend $30+ to get PLCC32 programmer (if the BIOS is this type, HUGE rectangle)

Thanks for the answer.

Just to say: It’s an old machine and if there will be a problem like a brick, with just 8MB of RAM it’s useless anyway. Max work is with Windows 7 anyway, for w10 it’s too slow with its single-core CPU!

Just go ahead and I’ll try it and see it could be used.

Thanks a lot for your advice and help.


OK, please wait for edit, I will upload now. Hopefully it will be OK
If first BIOS flash OK, but no Power/Adv added, then less worries, then I can send you 2-3 other edits to attempt same changes (w/ less edit applied)
The first one maybe too much/possibly unnecessary stuff, that’s why I was unsure if it would be OK.

@Quaxth - * Edit - Here, please test, run insydeflash.exe and browse to NAV51D2.fd from this folder if necessary

Thanks a lot.

Just burned that new one and the following happens:
1. booted no problems
2. in Main Menue: Video Memory still locked at 8MB
3.: Advanced Menu: 4 entrees PCI Express Root Port 2 to 4 and ASF Configuration only
4.: Power Menue: seems to be OK!
6.: after the power Menue, Boot and Save is missing! It carries on with Exit and the normal entrees which are normal on the 2. line of that Main menu!

Problem with the Main Menu, I’ll take a photo later and send it to you to see!
Have to connect a Camera to my Main Machine first!

@Quaxth - Great to hear no brick, AND Power+ADV is there at least, so good start! Very nice, I hate Insyde BIOS
Video memory??? Nothing was done in regards to that, so not sure why you mentioned this?
I see you mentioned it at first post now, I thought you were just yelling at the system for being so limited before, so I didn’t think anymore about that. I checked now though, 8MB is max you can set, no hidden value, only 1MB or 8MB

Show me images of Root of Advanced, and then contents of ALL submenus inside top to bottom
Please resize images, 1000 px wide jpeg or PNG, put all in single max compressed zip. This only imporant if you use camera that takes huge 2-5K images, I don’t need 2-5MB images, 100-300kb per is more than plenty
Also, include all contents you see inside power (And any submenus in there too), so I can check to see if anything missing - UNLESS you already compared with setup IFR

Ahh, so I did edit too much, as I suspected. OK, once I have your images, I will first follow up with new edit to try and put back boot and save (?)
What do you mean “Save” is gone, but Exit is there? I can’t see anything clearly in your BIOS image linked above, so not sure what tabs are there to begin with (other than Info, Main, Security)
Yes, show me any issue you mean about Main too.

OK, look at the picture here: https://i.postimg.cc/WbLfkfDg/Main-Off-19.png

Sorry, that’s confusing?? You showed image of Power mention, but talk about Main?
Anyway, we know I edited too much, so don’t worry, I will fix Do the images I requested above and then I will make you new edit.
I told you it may take me a few edits just to get the menu’s revealed properly, I was not sure on this edit etc I’m just glad no brick, rest we can deal with easily!

Here the first 9 pictures about all Menus while the last end in ‘hanging’ and I needed to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart. The Exit Mneue will work as normal.

I’ll now start to make pictures from all SubMenues too!

Please wait for that outcome. I’ve to use my partly broken (LCD-Screen) Samsung Camera which I’d set to 1M Pictures. Hope that works for you!

Edit: Link added: https://www.sendspace.com/file/2dqvtq

The next 14 pictures of Menue-Sub-Menues: https://www.sendspace.com/file/4g3z2k


Right now. I got the following problems:
1.: enable F12 Boot Menue can do but save! If I click F10 to save, the machine Hangs.
2.: change anything, using F10 and/or Exit: machine hangs too!

And to mention, those 8MB Video RAM are locked on that 8MB, to change to any other value (1-7MB) isn’t possible.

Anyway, Thanks a lot for your work!

@Quaxth - Please explain exactly what you are saying here, what “Menu” causes hang? Exit menu works, which I would expect to be “Last” >> while the last end in ‘hanging’ and I needed to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart. The Exit Mneue will work as normal.

@ #1. Please explain what you mean at #1 above, what is F12 boot menu? What can you not save?
@ #2. What is F10 supposed to do? And here, you say you can’t exit or hang, but above you said exit menu works, so I’m very lost.
You are explaining things to generically, and too briefly. Please use more words and explain anything you are trying to say with most detail you can, thanks

Actually, probably best we ignore everything for now, until you test other BIOS instead! Then maybe not have these issues!
Please test this BIOS - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…519224684092577
Tell me the following
1. Do you see Advanced and Power? If yes, carry on about #2 below, if no STOP HERE, ignore anything in this BIOS and wait for next, do not waste your time looking for bugs issues etc
2. Everything work OK as far as navigation?

Thanks for the images, once we sort the main menu accesses issues out I will use those to further enable anything else still missing.
And, I will remember to make 1MB video option visible for you to choose too, instead of only 8MB choice.
Maybe on this, right now, you do not see the “Option” but rather the info/applied amount textual field only instead, there is both types in the BIOS right there text show user only or setting option/choice type.
I will be able to tell once I look at your images, but don’t worry, once we are done you will be able to choose directly 1MB or 8MB

Thanks for your answer!

To first: The ‘hangs’ simply means: NOTHING could be done anymore, even, most of the time, a ‘hard boot’ is needed to get the machine back working. That all happen if I was open the BIOS by a startup, checking the different functions which some working but save of changes are not, even not if use F10 for too hard save the setting.

@ #1: F12 is the function to open the Boot-Manager. I could NOT change the Settings in the Main Menue to activate F12 to start the Boot-Manager, that changes could not be saved, it just changes to the status of the hanging off the Netbook in general!
@ #2: F10 is to save done changes in the Manues of the BIOS. Sometimes the Exit is working, mainly if nothing were changed upfront, at the moment I’d done any changes, the Exit didn’t work anymore, the machine (BIOS) just simply totally ‘hangs’!

That’s for now and I’ll download the new Modded BIOS now and test. I’ll come back later with the results!

Thanks a lot for now.

In meantime, I downloaded the new modded BIOS and installed it. That went without any problems!
The difference I see compared to the original (un-modded) BIOS, is that an Advanced Menue exists with 3 entries for PCI Express Root Ports 2-4 and 1 entree for ASF Configuration. A Power Menu did NOT is available!
I changed the settings for the F12 Boot Menue from Disabled to Enabled and that works Ok.
Boot and Exit working as they should, Normal!
To this stage that BIOS works well!

Now, regarding the Video RAM: in the Main Menue, there is 8MB (blacked out) locked!
What I need is more, at least 64MB, better 128MB or 256MB! According to the features of the Video Chipset, up to 256MB could be used for it! The Video Chipset is an Intel GMA 3150 wit Intel Pineview-M Processor, 200.0 MHz

Overall, the layout of the BIOS is totally normal, with the Startup Menue on top (1 line below the Header), while the Action Keys are on a double (2) line on the lower part, as it is in the original!

Ok, if you need anymore infos for now, please let me know.

Thanks for your hard work!

@Quaxth - No worries, as I mentioned, ignore all issues for now, until we sort the power/advanced menus and all is OK. Then we can sort out other issues.

Advanced menu contents will be untouched (stock, some stuff still hidden) until I unlock the rest of that, after we sort out Advanced and Power both working OK along with the rest of the menu like normal.
But, once we have that, I will look at your images, and reveal the rest of anything missing inside Advanced and or power (or the other original menus too)

About the video memory, yes, I see in your image, it’s grayed out (blacked out etc) I cannot add more choices, but I can and will change that to where you can choose 1MB or 8MB
Chipset ability does not matter, the BIOS is limited to choices put in there by the manufacturer.

So, we need to add back in power menu, then we can sort the rest out
Here, please test - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…980963412280149
1.Do you see Advanced and Power? If yes, carry on about #2 below, if no STOP HERE, ignore anything in this BIOS and wait for next, do not waste your time looking for bugs issues etc
2. Everything work OK as far as navigation around the BIOS?

You’re welcome, and don’t worry, we will have it all sorted out in the end!
I just like to do smaller steps at once in some BIOS, that was when/if something breaks it’s easier to know why and go back to undo.
Once we have Power/Adv working properly, rest is easy and I can do all at once

OK, thanks for the new one! I downloaded and installed it already.
The new one is now the Power Menu. In the Sub-Menue Advanced CPU Control, there 2 blacked out: 1. Use XD Capability [Enabled] and 2. VT Support [Disdabled] and both of them are locked. The Sub-Menue Thermal Trip Points Settings, which handles the CPU Temperature is working fully and set to 85 C. All other functions seem to work well.

And again regarding the Video RAM: if there couldn’t be enabled more RAM for Video/Graphics, that what I really want and need, I’ve to live with the 8MB!

Overall, this Mod seems to work perfectly!

Many thanks for that.

For that BIOS, all I need/want to know, is do you see Power + Advanced, and can you navigate around the BIOS, and exit out of the BIOS normally?
No other changes have been made, and no other testing/info is needed from you on that BIOS
As I mentioned, about video memory, I will change that once we are done fixing Advanced and Power menu proper visibility without breaking rest of BIOS. But yes, 8MB is max, you will only be able to select 1MB or 8MB option.
Sounds like this is now correct, yes? If so, thank you, I will now use this as base and unlock the rest of the BIOS for you, once you confirm.

And YES I see Advanced and Power Menus with no problems! No problems to navigate around the BIOS and exit as normal. Changes done could be saved and used after reboot with no problems.

So, all seem to be just correct and workable!

Thanks a lot for now for your hard work!


Great, thanks for confirmation! When I get back later today or tonight, I will unlock rest of BIOS for you

@Quaxth - Quick test, just to confirm this change, before I do a bunch of others in similar manner
Can you now see/select and change a new Video Memory option with 1MB or 8MB choices?
The black/grayed out one shown current amount under total memory will remain (we can remove later if you want, if it seems like a “dupe” to you)

Also, when you reply with result, please let me know if you want the original info/grayed out one removed in next edit, leaving only the actual setting one instead?

Thanks for No.4! Works fine and as it should!

Maybe leave the original settings grayed out, it’s after done more easy to remember what was changed.

Otherwise, nothing to tell!

Thanks a lot and Cheers.

So, you do see both yes? The original gray/blacked out one that shows current applied value for video memory + You can now also see one below that where you can choose 1MB or 8MB, correct?
Sorry for asking again, just want to be sure

YES, I see both now as well as the grayed out value.

All is ok for now!

Thanks a lot.

In the Power Menue/Advanced CPU Control the 4. and 5. blacked (locked) out and could not be changed. Maybe that could be changed?

Otherwise, I didn’t see any other which may be useful to use.


You can’t see boot menu? I can’t tell, your images all have a glare across the top, so I can’t see what all main sections you can see except for some
If you can see boot menu, I need image of this (root image)