[REQUEST] Enable Bifurcation settings +++ on Asus Rampage IV Extreme

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone could modify the Asus Rampage IV Extreme BIOS Versjon 4901 with:
- PCIe Bifurcation
- NVMe boot
- No microcode
- 128Gb RAM capability

I am going to run an E5-2697 v2. And I read that I might be able to OC a bit more, or get higher all core turbo with no microcode in the BIOS.
Was also thinking about getting a 4xNVMe card like the ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card V2.

Any input would be appreciated
I might be getting this all wrong

Thank you
- Yngve

@88nightrider - I can do, please explain “No Microcode” do you mean no microcode updates? If yes, OK Ohh, sorry, I see what you mean after reading all your reply, what you need to do there is simply remove microcode only for the CPUID you are using.
128GB ram, I will look into that for you, maybe not possible without Asus doing like they did for rest of X79 lineup (I wonder why they didn’t do this one?! Maybe send them email about this!)

For Bifurcation, please give me images of your Advanced page (Root, scroll up/down as needed so I can see all currently visible submenus)
And, if you can see PCI Subsystem Settings submenu, show me everything you can see inside there and all within submenu in there if you see it.
And, if you can see System Agent Configuration, show me everything you see inside it as well.

@Lost_N_BIOS - Thank you for your reply!

I would assume you know more about what is needed to be removed microcode wise than me

128Gb is not a must. Would just be a bonus if I ever end up repurposing this setup as a server in the future.

I took some screenshots in the BIOS/UEFI. They are uploaded to OneDrive (could not find a way to get a direct url).
Advanced page
System Agent Configuration

Could not find a menu for the PCI Subsystem Settings. Please advice where I should look.

Thank you for your time!

PCI Subsystem would be in Advanced section, if it’s visible to you, it may be hidden. Please put all images into a zip, then upload to any free file host

I DON"T know about what you need for microcodes, I was only going off what you said in your message.
I can do whatever you want for microcodes though, put in old one, remove the one that applies to your CPU etc. But you have to research about what you’re doing, and tell me what you need, this is not something I do often and don’t keep up on what methods work for what purpose/CPU’s etc.
If you are sure the microcode should be removed, then we can do that

On the 128Gb, I am still waiting on reply back from person that may know best about this @dsanke - Make 22nm PCH LGA1151 motherboard like Z370 compatible with 128GB RAM (2)
I’m sure they will reply soon. I’m very far behind myself right now, so I know how it feels if they are too, it’s OK, we shall wait

@88nightrider - Have you actually tested 128GB on this board yet?

I have been bussy trying to troubleshoot the system. As of now it looks like I should scrap this motherboard… The i7-3820 is mostly stable. But I have tried 3 different CPU’s (6-12core), and cant get any of them stable.
So It looks like I should be looking for another motherboard…
Was thinking of the X79 WS. But I have to think more about it…

So in short: I’m sorry that I have wasted your time

First off, Hi all. Can we open this back up? I’m guessing in I need: PCIe Bifurcation with NVMe boot. I don’t care for the overclock or microcode.
I am running the ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 PCIe 3.0 X4 Expansion Card V2 With 1 970 pro drive in it as I cannot get it to recognize the others no matter what slots I put it in. I have an Intel 660p M.2 2280 as my non-bootable data drive in another pcie slot with yet another pcie m.2 2280 pcie adapter.
as well as the Intel Xeon E5 2697 v2 in a RAMPAGE IV EXTREME using BOLTS4BREKFAST 4901 modded bios.

Hello all.
Highly needed NVMe boot + PCIe bifurcation on stock 4901 (https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LG…e-ASUS-4901.zip).

@nickname_in_forum & @xander0d - Please see post #2+4, and send me all those requested images in one zip (not uploaded to mega.nz, google, dropbox, box - I can’t use those)
Only one of you needs to give me these images

@Lost_N_BIOS here it is.
If possible - please modify bios in attachment.
It’s already have few mods.
(new microcode Intel SA-00115 and NVMe boot)
So it lacks only pcie bifurcation.
This is bios mentioned by @nickname_in_forum (4901 by BOLTS4BREKFAST)
It works fine for me (tested for almos a year now).

r4e(adv+sa).zip (139 KB)

R4Ecap.zip (4.69 MB)

@xander0d - Thanks for the images! I prefer to work on stock BIOS, but if you want I can update all microcodes and do NVME mod. Is that all that was in that BIOS you mentioned to use?
If yes, then it will be same as if I do it, only they will be more updated now vs year old. Do you want all microcodes updated to latest?

But, if you insist, I can use the BIOS you mentioned, especially since you’ve both been using it already.

@Lost_N_BIOS There were also patch for TRIM support in RAID (better include it too)

Would be nice to have bifurcation applied to already tested bios, but if you decide to build from stock its ok.

That I can do as well Which RST version do you want used? Or, as I edited in above, I can just use that BIOS you guys are both already using?
Up to you, I normally only want to do stock so if issues I know it’s only my edits, but in this case you guys are both already using that other edited BIOS and it’s OK for you
* Edit - OK, I see your edit - will do

* Edit 2 - That BIOS is in unsigned capsule, how are you flashing that? It should fail in USB Flashback?!?
I will fix, but surprised you can use that

* Edit 3 - @xander0d @nickname_in_forum @88nightrider (in case you still have this board )
Here is bifurcation edit on top of BOLTS4BREKFAST’s 4901 (Fixed Capsule issue)
Flash via USB Flashback ONLY - DO NOT AFU flash or FPT flash!

@Lost_N_BIOS Thanks man! Will try to test it tomorrow. Will leave feedback here later.

You’re welcome
Sometimes I need to redo some things on these Asus X79 bifurcation edits, but I think I got it right first time this time

It boots with the ASUS Hyper M.2 in 2nd pcie x16 slot with the boot drive in slot 1 and the data drive in slot 3. 2 and 4 wont show a drive. It suites my needs. Thank you.

@nickname_in_forum - You’re welcome! Once you figure out which slot is which in BIOS settings, you can usually get at least 3x drives working using the 4x4x4x4x setting, or one of the 4x4x8 / 8x4x4x.

It seems that I’ll have plenty of tweaking to do. I received many bsod’s and automatic reboots with no error info but it does boot. I’ll try to work out which configuration is causing them. The great thing about this board is the 2 bios chips. I just pressed the bios switch and am currently running off the modded bolts one until I can find time to tweak yours. If you have any revisions feel free to post. Many Thanks!

Those may be related to the card or your install on the NVME’s etc. Please test BIOS without the Hyper card installed, or we can wait and see how it works for other user too.
I used the bolts BIOS as well, only changes made were to make options visible in BIOS that you couldn’t see, which I’ve done for 100’s of users on Asus X79.
These issues are not common of a BIOS edit, usually if there is an issue it’s just that you can’t see the settings I made visible for you, not BSODs/reboots etc, this sounds more related to the card or your setup OS on the NVME’s

@Lost_N_BIOS Can you please mod stock 4901 with bifurcation+nvme boot only? For testing purposes. Have few random BSODs on this BIOS aswell =(

@nickname_in_forum what version ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card do you have? (v1 or v2?)