[Request] Galax B350M hidden menu unlock (read before skipping)

I have a B350M motherboard disguised under the title of A320M. I know this because I crossflashed the motherboard with B450M BIOS and almost everything worked except a few little things that I really really needed. After using uefi tool and extracting the setup ifr of the stock bios, I have found out that it has the
oc settings I need but they’re hidden and I have spent HOURS trying to figure out a way to unhide these settings but I’m at my witts end now. Someone help me please.
HWYCAL003.zip (9.4 MB)

Which ones and where?

Under the turbo menu theres supposed to be a whole amd cbs and amb pbs menu thats hidden. I can see these settings in uefi editor but I have no idea how to unhide them. I could keep running the B450 bios but that one kills the VGA port on my mobo which I need for my second monitor. Also the iGPU oc doesn’t work on the B450 bios and DRAM voltage adjustment doesn’t even exist on both of these bioses which is crazy. If you want to know more specifics about the bios you’ll have to instruct me a bit because I just dabbled into bios modding after getting a ch341 and am still a complete noob.

i know all the risks about mb bricking so if my mobo gets bricked because of a bios you or anyone modded for me then thats on me

i believe the settings i want are hidden under cbssetupdxeRV (i believe thats the one cause there’s nothing specific for picasso?)

up a320m

up b450m

I can unhide them. Shall I do this?
iGPU OC may still not be feasible on A320M.

please do, thank you.

Do I unlock HWYCAL003.zip or the one you uploaded last?


hwycal003 the last one is irrelevent

this dimm voltage option is absent on that bios, what do i need to do to add this?

What bios is shown on the screenshot?

this is the latest bios for my motherboard but it removes support for my processor.

Don’t know how to add it.
If you need this option very badly, it would be easier to add cpu support back. Which I don’t know how too. Maybe add microcode or rollback AGESA.

yeah i guess thats something i’ll worry about some other time. But I think I’ll just try to replace the setup sct alltogether with tse and setupdata and see where that takes me :joy:

anyways im just greatfull for what youre doing for me and i wont die without dimm voltage

BIOS with PBS and CBS menu.
Check readme markdown file included. When you cycle system power to boot from the USB flash drive device, flash process should begin automatically.

Find PBS under Turbo menu. CBS should appear on top bar.

I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your day for this! I’ll report back after flashing.

So the pbs menu is here but there is no cbs on top bar and the cbs under turbo still only has ram pc settings. Also ftpm is gone.