[REQUEST] Gigabyte and Broadwell

Hello friends!
I have a small case for ITX and two processors, these are i7-4980HQ and i7-5700HQ. For the i7-4980HQ, I found an ATX MSI motherboard, and for the i7-5700HQ, I was looking for an ITX motherboard in that small case. But in our small town I could only buy Gigabyte GA-H97N. Naturally, these processors did not work in it.
I downloaded a modified version of the firmware program that does not swear at the biosID mismatch, updated the bios from GA-H97N to GA-H97N-WiFi (this model has the latest bios versions by date) - it did not help (although externally the boards are one-in-one). Then I flashed the last bios from GA-Z97N-WiFi (externally, too, the same, that’s how many clones were made) - it didn’t help, although it works on G1840. I updated the microcode and vbios versions via UBU - it didn’t help.
On the discord forum, I found that Dsanke helped launch gigabyte and broadwell. I wrote him a personal message, but he hasn’t been there for a long time.

gigabyte lga1150 motherboard now can work with crystal well.
CORE_PEI need be modified.
broadwell also is ok , just flash to z97 with lower version me fw like we did on z170/z270.

But I don’t understand how to do it. I ask for help

Hmm-mm-m, I have 4980hq too, but Asus H81M-E and Asus Z87-Pro.
We have problem in a bundle with mutants (Crystal and Broad) and Giga mobo.
This link in Russian about this problem.
UPD. You can take CORE_PEI module from, for example, Asus BIOS and put it to your GA BIOS. Because at another brend mobos mutants working very well. I havnt Broad, thats why can`t test it.

i have a question, does core_pei have something to do with cpu compability? say for example my h61 wont work on ivy bridge with board A even with everything for ivy is there, but there is board B that is just another revision but still have the same look as board A, and replacing core_pei from board B to board A bios would it work? curious abt this.

@Koekieezz, I rely on Dsanke’s data about CORE_PEI.
And I know exactly, only Giga mobos dont want working with mutant notebooks CPUs.

Ley`s try it.

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could you tell here which was it getting talked about?

@Koekieezz, I hear about it for the first time from Valera_Master.
Read 1st message above. I know, many new versions BIOSes do not support old CPU, for example, ES, Engineer Samples.

I found that the GA-Z87X-UD4H motherboard works with i7-4980HQ on bios F9. There is a version of ME, and in my bios, even the oldest, version 9.1.****. I flashed the modified bios with the replaced ME. But even on the G1840 processor, this does not work. The bios is immediately restored from back SPI.

@dsanke help me please

I can only remove the limit of Crystal Well.
Gigabyte H97/Z97 BIOS do not have limit of mobile Broadwell CPU.
H97N-F5.zip (5.2 MB)

Very grateful!

Yeahhh!!! Crystal Well working!
@dsanke thank you very much!