[Request] Gigabyte G5 KC Bios Unlock/ Mod

good afternoon guys, does anyone know if the G5 KC has a way to activate XMP? My memories are at 2900MHz, when they were supposed to be at 3200MHz, oh and is there a way to disable Optimus on this notebook (Intel HD Graphics)

hi, do you still have FB04 bios copy?

Hello @Sweet_Kitten can you please unlock my BIOS? Or can I use the BDMaster_Patch_FB05?

I’m on version FB05 and I’m looking to enable XMP profiles for RAM to run at 2966 MHz or 3200 MHz and also to undervolt because my RAM is only running at 2667 MHz!


Im downloaded Clevo NHxxDPQ.zip and launched Start.bat and it happened.

Am I missing something or doing it wrong?
made a bios backup.

The publication of “Clevo NHxxDPQ.zip” was made in connection with the recent release of BIOS version FB07. I thought that my script is able to unlock the FB05 version as well, but I found myself mistaken after all. I didn’t do any checks.
Follow this link.

Thanks for the answer. I tried what you suggested to me, but still there is an error. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Bios version FB05, but still something is wrong. I wanted to do undervolting but I can not unlock the bios in any way. What can you advise? Maybe try to install a new version of the BIOS and then try it through Clevo NHxxDPQ.zip? But then there will be a stripped-down video card even more.

Hello. Can I post a copy of Fb05 again?

@Sweet_Kitten Hi! The file with FB05 is not available, can you please re-upload?

Hey @Sweet_Kitten can this bios be unlocked ? its for Asus Z590-p trying to install linux on my machine and Edit some ME options
results20.rar (9.0 MB)

Hi, can you unlock my BIOS? It’s FB07. I would also appreciate a new link for BIOS FB05 as the one that’s floating around in this thread is sadly down.
Thanks in advance.

Link to my BIOS backup: Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!

Hi, I’ve been trying to undervolt the CPU on my Gigabyte G5 MD, and maybe also give the GPU a power boost if possible. I’m using the latest bios (FB10), would downgrading give me any benefits?

@Sweet_Kitten sorry for the ping, you must be getting tons from this thread, but would you be able to unlock the bios?

BIOS dump link: Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!


hi, I got this file from him. you could try G5KC_FB05_high perform but hot.zip - Google Drive

yes, FB07 make G5 run cooler but performance drop so much. I was flashing back FB05 by Sweet_Kitten.
I re-uploaded it to google driver. FB05 is really hard to find anywhere.

Thanks for the link. I actually managed to find it on some Chinese Gigabyte support page two days ago and have flashed and downgraded my BIOS because I knew that the FB05 version was more attuned for gaming than the latest one and I was very peeved when I found out and realized I can’t go back to the old version.
Now the trick is how to proceed with undervolting/overclocking to achieve most optimal results with this laptop. I read somewhere that CPUs ending with H (mine is i5 10500H @ 2.50Ghz) means they have been factory designed to not be able to overclock so I’m scratching my head over this. Do you know if there are any writeups out there about OC/UV this specific laptop?

P.S. It’s good to have these different links of older BIOS versions just in case so I’m posting this Chinese link in case other links go offline: https://m.mobile01.com/externallink.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdownload.gigabyte.com%2FFileList%2FBIOS%2FG5KC_FB05.zip

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Thank you very much!! Can I just roll back my BIOS to FB5 if I have FB7? Or do I need some additional actions?

Yes, you can just install an older version of the BIOS of the existing one and it’ll work. It worked from me, downgraded BIOS from FB07 to FB05.

Yes, you can flash back FB05 follow the guide in document. But in my case, i make full BIOS and ME upgrade so when flashing back to FB05, KBCJEC version still be F004 instead of F002. However, my laptop continues to perform well.