[Request] Gigabyte G5 KC Bios Unlock/ Mod

I need your help. I have the problem that my gigabyte is constantly getting too hot. Undervolt does not work because the CPU is locked. So I need a BIOS that is adjustable and open.

I thank you in advance for the help.

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Hello. I can give you an unlocked BIOS with access to CPU voltage management, but I need you to make a BIOS backup.

Hello Sweet Kitten,thanks for your help.
I have the files compressed.

results20.rar (67.4 KB)

x64_All_regions_14.0.36.1158.part1.rar (5 MB)

x64_All_regions_14.0.36.1158.part2.rar (1.53 MB)

x64_bios-region_14.0.36.1158.rar (4.62 MB)

RE.rar (46.2 KB)

BIOS mod for you, @CCM4002000
Run FLASH.bat to install it. To adjust CPU voltage settings after flashing my mod, you need to switch β€œShow CPU Voltage item” to β€œEnabled” under Advanced - Configure Gigabyte Setup Items.

Thank you very much Sweet Kitten. That looks awesome and work fine. Now i can many Option See and control this.

Hi @Sweet_Kitten , can you also do it for me? Thank you very much in advance.

results20.part1.rar (5 MB)

results20.part2.rar (5 MB)

results20.part3.rar (1.23 MB)

@KynesLiet , hi! Run FLASH.bat to install your modded BIOS.

Thank you so much! I am incredibly grateful for the help. It works perfectly and many options that are hidden by default are unlocked.

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Hi Sweet Kitten could you do this for me?
Rename please:

RE.rar (46 KB)

x64_All_regions_14.0.36.1158.01.zip (5 MB)

x64_All_regions_14.0.36.1158.02.zip (1.7 MB)

x64_bios-region_14.0.36.1158.bin.zip (4.75 MB)

You know what to do.

So THX for all. But I have some problems. My laptop is bricked now :frowning: I have changed CORE Voltage from Adaptive to Override -90mV and laptop stop booting and show nothing on the screen.
If I turn it ON i have black screen only and after few second/minutes it restarts.
How can I reflash to original bios and try again to unlock undervolting again?
Could anybody help me with this?

Try opening the laptop, taking out the main battery and disconnecting the little button battery for something like 10-15 minutes, that should clear the EEPROM settings and set them back to default.
And next time you should use a tool like throttlestop to edit the core voltage on the SO, so that the worst thing that can happen is a crash and not a bootloop.

@Sweet_Kitten , could you do an edited BIOS with the memory timings and frequency settings enabled? Or if you tell me which UEFI variables should i set to make that menu visible it would be great.

Thanks a lot!

I’m afraid it can’t be done this way.

I need your BIOS dump.

Here it is (take out the space, i cannot put links) w ww.sendspace.com/file/0uk0in

I was pretty afraid of running a random executable that virustotal flags as a virus for like 1/3rd of the engines but guess it is a false positive as it tends to happen with bios-related tools.

Run FLASH.bat to install your modded BIOS. Memory settings will be in Advanced - Memory Configuration and Advanced - OC Perf Menu - Memory.

Works great, thanks a lot!!!

Hello. I would also like to get a bios mod to be able to change the vcore.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would love if you could do the same for me so I can undervolt my CPU. Its my first time flashing a BIOS so if there is anything special to keep in mind doing it this way please let me know.
I already did run the backup tool. The link to download is in the title of this post cause I could not put it in here.
Thank you in advance!

Hello. I need you to make a BIOS backup.

Hi! Your BIOS mod. Run FLASH.bat to install it.

Hello kind Sir

Can you help me with my bios so i can undervolt my CPU on this laptop because the temps are terrible.
Thank you very much!!

results20.part1.rar (6 MB)

results20.part2.rar (6 MB)

results20.part3.rar (5.76 MB)