[Request] GigaByte GA-B85M-D3V-A NVMe mod

Hello, how are you, friend? I need the bios modified so that my motherboard recognizes the m2 and thus be able to launch windows. I hope you can help me, greetings.

Very specific model…
Follow the guide in the 1rst post of this thread.

Hello, I am new here, I modified my bios, guiding me through the instructions on the page, here I leave my modified bios and the original one to see if they could be reviewed and see if they are correct.
BIOS_ga-b85m-d3v-a_f4a.rar (5.5 MB)

Seems correct, the DXE is inserted in the correct bios volume and the original pad is preserved.
Recommended method is using Q-Flash, not on OS environment.
Good luck

EDIT: Well my friend… if you’re trying to get a confirmation that the operation/mod will work 100% risk free of any fails… then no, no one can assure you that.
This is mod world and in mods every user has to take risks in to account.
The mod you’ve done seems correctly done as it was myself to do it, simple as that.

so i can update no problem