[Request] Gigabyte Z490 VISION G HPET toggle + Dark Bios

Hello! If possible could you edit the bios for this motherboard? HPET option would be great. The dark theme was removed after bios b5 and replaced with a BLINDING white bios.

https: //download.gigabyte.com/FileList/BIOS/mb_bios_z490-vision-g_f8b.zip (most recent)
https: //download.gigabyte.com/FileList/BIOS/mb_bios_z490-vision-g_f5.zip (last v. with dark bios)


@Jamest - Haha, I noticed that white was super blinding on my end during some theme edit testing, but thought maybe it was just my test monitor
I noticed the images of that white BIOS at the bottom of the vision pages a good month or two before they released the BIOS, and I loved it and planned to make my own white/blue BIOS (after having done this to Z390 theme last time around)
I don’t think I can swap the old theme back into the new BIOS, without the UI being a mess. Probably lots of stuff would not line up or be proper etc, but we can try if you want.

What I think would be more ideal, would be to tone down that white, this would be no problem to do, unlike swap back may cause.
Do you want to test this instead, or do you strictly only want to go back to old/black?

HPET I can hard disable for you. That is MUCH easier than hours it takes me to make this visible to you.
This is due to it’s location it’s not a simple make visible, I have to swap it with some other setting you currently do not use or cannot see (but is on page you can see already)

Hey Lost_N_BIOS, do you think we could try the old black theme first? I really think it would work. Sorry if this is too much trouble but could you do two versions? One that has default HPET and one that’s disabled? I wanted to try it without HPET but I’m not sure if I want it permanently disabled.

@Jamest - Yes, we can try if you want. It’s only two modules for the theme. But lots of this is coded based on BIOS content, so old BIOS and new BIOS may have different content
So, it may work, somewhat, some things may look OK while others are messed up, hard to know outcome, but you shall see

Stock BIOS has HPET enabled by default, so I don’t need to make one of those If you flash in HPET disabled BIOS I make for you, and you want to enable HPET, then you just flash back to stock BIOS.
Of course, we’ll do that after we sort the theme stuff. Ohh, you mean stock BIOS with dark theme w/ and without HPET, yeah, I’ll make stock one with dark theme or whatever we end up with theme-wise + one with HPET Disabled

Here, test this, flash via Qflash - This is F8b with black theme from F6a straight swapped in. I used F6a instead of F5 because some changes here in dark theme and it’s more recent/closer than F5 contents in all theme changes before F8b

I flashed it and I’m having trouble trying to get into bios. Going to try without my ram I’ll post back in a bit thanks. Hmmm I think I may have bricked it. I can see the Gigabyte startup logo but nothing I do can get into the bios.

@Jamest - I thought you might run into this issue, or if not then BIOS would be a trashed mess inside, as I said it’s not a simple swap theme files around and all is OK.
Use Qflash+ to reflash the stock BIOS. Put BIOS on FAT32 formatted small USB Stick, not in folder, renamed to GIGABYTE.bin.
Put USB Stick in White USB port in rear, then press the Qflash+ button and wait for it to quit flashing

Or, flash via DOS/EFI the stock BIOS, you can still boot to either of those probably.
I’m sure it’s not bricked, you just can’t enter the BIOS because this theme as-is is not compatible with that BIOS version.
I killed plenty of BIOS while I re-did the theme and figured out all the stuff when I redid the Z390 BIOS theme I linked you to above in post #2 (did you look what I did there?)

I tried the QFlash+ method (white usb port, fat32 usb, GIGABYTE.bin) pressing end on post doesn’t do anything it shows the Gigabyte logo and boots directly into Windows. The DOS method I’m still trying to figure out, I made a bootable usb with the bios, but when I press F12 to select the boot device I get this
https://imgur.com/a/oqCwXj4 (sorry not sure how to embed) and if I press a key it just reboots.

@Jamest - You don’t press END on post or anything, that is to enter normal Qflash when you can see the BIOS. Sorry for not explaining more, I assumed since you owned this board you knew how it worked
To use Qflash+ you need to do as I mentioned, and while board is powered OFF, press the Qflash+ button on the board. It’s the white button to the right of the USB port at bottom/middle of the board
Then wait until it’s done

That image, you need to use that drop out menu to choose your USB (not UEFI USB), that “please select” message is the drop out menu, click on it and expand.
Anyway, it will be much easier to just use Qflash+

OK thank you! That worked LOL. To be honest I never noticed the white usb in the back let alone the white button on the mobo.

@Jamest - You’re welcome! Good to hear you got it sorted out!
Wow, really? You don’t look at all the features and cool stuff on the motherboard overview page before you purchase a board?

So, now that you are back in BIOS again. Do you want to try a toned down white instead? Or do you just hate the white in general?
I can invert that background, or make it black (or just really dark), but it’s going to mess with the entire rest of the theme if it’s changed too much.
This kind of edit wont put you into same situation you were just in, since I will be directly editing the theme that comes with this BIOS (well just background image)

Or, if you want, I can send you the image so you can edit to whatever is OK on your eyes w/ your monitor
If you know about editing images? If you want it, let me know and I will send

Here, just in case you want to mess around with it, stock image and an inverted one I made real quick just so you can see how that looks generally (all other colors of the BIOS would remain the same as they are now, text, lines, scrollbars etc, so black may not work)
If you make any edited images, try to keep under 85KB or exactly at/under 150C3h, otherwise I may have to re-edit/save before using (I may choose to anyway, to ensure compatible image is put into BIOS)

Haha not really I just thought this looked cool I probably should have done with the aorus. If possible could you make it dark? The white in general I’m not too keen on. I think even a dimmed white wouldn’t look so good?

See my edit above

Yes, dimmed white sounds most ideal, that way rest of stuff does not need changed.
I planned to use a dimmer white too, as soon as I grabbed that BIOS and loaded the image into a BIOS on test system, it almost blinded me and I assumed maybe it was just my test systems monitor
I’d need one of these board here myself to change other stuff, lots of testing/editing/testing/editing goes into redoing a theme, or even changing a text or line color

These boards do look nice, caught my eye too! Gotta love the “sliver” heatsink, at least they fixed the text for that in some of the images on the site (maybe all now?)

* Edit - Which one looks more ideal to you, Original on left >> little dimmer >> darker


That inverted image looks great. You know what? When I re-flashed my bios I flashed the f5. Do you think you could just disable HPET for f5? I think that will be much easier. I’ve updated my bios every time since they were releasing them and didn’t notice a change. I’m happy with the older version.

See my edit above again I can make you BIOS with the invert and you can see how that looks with the rest of the colors/images how they are now?
But yes, if you just want to pass on the theme and F8 BIOS for now, we can do F5 HPET stuff (why not F6a, it’s dark theme still too?)

The one on the very right looks best imo the darker one. Yeah I think I’ll pass on the theme for now to save time I just want to test some games with HPET off. My old motherboard had an option to disable it and I always had it disabled. I only see F6 not the F6a on the Gigabyte website? https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z49…support-dl-bios that’s the only reason I said F5 otherwise F6a if it’s dark would probably be smarter to use lol. edit* found F6a on a diff site ill test to make sure it’s dark

Well, it takes me much longer to disable HPET than it does to swap in these images Image swap only takes two seconds Hard disable HPET takes me 15-20 minutes to do (7-8 different things to edit for that)
I did not notice that F6 was made final now, I will check it and let you know if it’s dark them too - I doubt it, based on the change log notes (that sounds like “White BIOS intro” to me) * Edit - Confirmed, F6 is "Intro White BIOS"

F6a is here, it used to be listed on the site, and this still has dark theme - https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/B…ision-g_f6a.zip
If you want to test it out and make sure all OK, I have to run now so can’t do any edits until later, so plenty of time to check it out if you want.
I’ll make you a few BIOS, with invert image and the darker theme images, and then HPET disable on each too, so you can find the one you like and then have HPET disabled BIOS for each as well.

Just tested F6a you were right it is dark. Ok that sounds good thank you!

@Jamest - Here you go, lots to play with Set of x5 BIOS as noted below - https://ufile.io/fxkz1lw2
1. F6a BIOS with HPET hard disabled - See my comments and testing notes/info about HPET and Win10 here under “Change Log” area
2. F8b w/ Darker background
2a. Same as above + HPET hard disabled
3. F8b with original background inverted to black
3a. Same as above + HPET hard disabled.

Flash all via normal Qflash (ie from USB, within BIOS using F8 key while in BIOS, or END Key at bootup)
Then on after reboot, shut down and clear CMOS. Then boot to BIOS load optimal defaults, save/apply/reboot back to BIOS to make all desired changes << This = my suggested standard procedure after any BIOS flash

** If background missing, sorry, let me know and I will resave images using original creation method (Pain.Net)
If this is required, it may take 3 quick tests to sort which way is OK to save image, due to three possible methods to save JPG with that.

Thanks! I’ll test them out and report back. Wow the dimmed white is definitely easier on the eyes much better than the original. I think I like the inverted one better though. Here’s how the inverted one looks: https://imgur.com/a/jcsx4qv would it be possible to darken the white underneath Favorites Tweaker etc? And Maybe Darken the top left logo? Other than that it’s great this is so awesome thanks.

@Jamest - You’re welcome! Well, I guess the invert and even the white/darker one, which I can tell without even seeing, will not look all that great in person without me having one of these boards and tweaking everything else one by one too.
I knew it would be a hassle, no matter what, without having board in hand Can you please use F12 to take a screenshot of that, then put in a zip and send to me, I’ll change all the images for the tabs
I’m surprised the text is legible with the inverted image, I forgot about that being gray Please include screenshot of Advanced/Tweaker like you showed above + one of "EZ Mode"
The gray is much lighter/whiter than I expected, even for all the “Dots” around the edges, would you say that your monitor adjusted out of “norm” somewhat?