[REQUEST] Gigabyte Z87X-OC (f9c) NVMe + Microcode v28

Hi! I’ve been using the following bios for quite some time ([this website but I cannot post links].com/t2821f44-Gigabyte-Z-X-OC-NVMe-modded-bios-verified-with-Intel-P.html) but I’d like to have a version with updated microcode.

I read some guides, but am not super comfortable with messing around with my only desktop BIOS (I don’t trust myself with BIOS modding).

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I posted BIOS with updated microcode at the end of that post, is this the one you want further updated?

I didn’t really understand how I was able to start a thread with registering at all… But I have an account now :slight_smile:

Sorry for my very late reply. I wasn’t registered to the forum and therefore I didn’t get any notifications :facepalm:. Indeed the bios posted in the thread is the one I’d like to have an updated version for :slight_smile:

@DJFliX @Fernando @Lost_N_BIOS

as requested, however F9c is beta, whilst the latest dated final bios is version F10a, which is modded below at the link.

[OFFER] Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC BIOS vF10a : NVMe mod, EFI, & microcode 28

Cheers & Enjoy