[Request] How to Access Locked/Hidden BIOS Menu Settings

I have a laptop which has Intel Z97 Express Chipset motherboard. The system Bios like most laptops has very limited options. I was particularly interested in disabling HPET, Turbo Boost and other CPU Power Saving settings. I was wondering if there is any way to unlock the BIOS or access the locked options through EFI shell etc. for this system to access the foregoing locked settings.

I have just contacted the ebay sellers to confirm if the Programmer and the Clip ship to India. As they confirm, I can order them. But using these will be a serious concern for me as I will have to completely disassemble the laptop (which I won’t be able to) to access the SPI chip. I will anyway order them as it would make me more confident to try out things on a desktop system.
For my laptop, I would rather prefer less intrusive/safer methods to access the locked controls that I want.
I have uploaded the BIOS that was last flashed on this system (in 2015). Some time back I upgraded the ME Firmware of the system to I have just requested the Notebook Reseller to provide the latest BIOS for the system and as I receive it I will upload that too.

I have uploaded the latest BIOS for my system here (as the size is greater than 6MB). The Reseller provided me some specific instructions for the BIOS update which are there in the shared zip Folder.
There is one concern here as mentioned in the previous post. The ME version in the latest BIOS may be lower than the latest version to which I have already updated.

The tools I mentioned for you to purchase are only necessary for safety reasons, in case a modified BIOS gives you a bad flash. That way you can recover and not have a dead laptop. You will only need to use them in an emergency, if there is a problem etc.
Mainly suggested for security in case something goes wrong with the BIOS edits.

The mod BIOS you wont need that to use a programmer, unless you are locked out of updating ME and need ME updated etc. For the changes you mentioned, this does not apply, that’s all BIOS region only.
I can put ME version you’re currently using in older BIOS into the new one if you want. Can you confirm the ME version in your BIOS chip (Not the BIOS file) is the ME version you think it is.
BIOS is set as locked out of read/write to ME, aside from within a BIOS flash process itself, curious how/if you got this updated or not, plus what I mention below
Do that by running MEInfoWin from a cmd prompt, from this system tools package, then post an image here so I can see the complete output. Thanks!

I’m also concerned with Intel Bootguard in the above MEinfo stuff, not so much ME version itself as I can make that same/new/whatever.
And yes, latest BIOS has older ME, so I will transfer back in latest one you wanted with settings transferred etc @

I will look into disabling those settings for you, no promises but I think I can do all you mentioned. But, I need exact specific settings you want, and what you want them set to for optimized default. Outline them all one by one, example below
1. HPET - Disabled by default
2. Turbo Boost = Disabled by default
3. Which specific power save setting #1
4. “” “” #2 etc

Which BIOS do you actually use in the 0314 folder you uploaded?
P770ZM.14 Or P770ZM8M.14 (I assume this one, it contains ME, the other does not have ME)

Wow, sooooooo many errors and issues with both the old and new BIOS, I can’t believe you can even boot to BIOS with either of those.
Their BIOS coding engineers need to go back into training, FIT table for microcodes isn’t even setup correctly I’m surprised CPU can load, wow!
Sorry, lots more than that, but it’s too much wrong to explain!

I updated the ME firmware through FWUpdate (using FWUpdLcl.exe -f NewME.bin from DOS). I have attached the MEInfo Dump that was taken when the ME firmware was updated.

For the Optimized defaults, I would suggest:

HPET: Disabled
Turbo Boost: Enabled (I would disable it afterwards)
C1E/ C States: Disabled
EIST: Disabled
SpeedStep: Disabled
(Basically all CPU Power Saving Settings disabled by default)

Regarding your question about the BIOS file used, both were used. And you can check that by seeing the contents of flashme.bat and FLASH.bat in the zipped Folder.

It shudders me to hear that the BIOS has technical issues. Although I haven’t had any performance issues with this system, there has been another problem related to EC/KBC. The laptop officially supports NVIDIA 9xx series GPUs, but I asked the Reseller to provide me the system with an AMD GPU (AMD HD8970M). They found that the card was compatible with the system, so they agreed. The problem is that the BIOS is not able to identify the AMD GPU and due to incompatibility with EC/KBC, the AMD GPU is not able to control the backlight brightness of the laptop display. Basically, the AMD GPU is not able to have any kind of DDC communication with any display (there are no issues with the performance of the GPU though). Will it be possible for you to correct that as well in the BIOS files?

MEInfo (after ME Update).png

Thanks for the info and image, both types of bootguard are not enabled, so that is good for BIOS mod!

OK, thank you for your list, I think I can set all that disabled for you by default for optimized defaults. I’ll have to look at the batch file closely then, to see why both are used, only one should be needed with or without ME version depending on how you want to update.
That right there tells you how little they know about doing things correctly. Yes, the BIOS is coded very sloppily, lost of errors and things not put in properly.
Do you even see a microcode version if you check for microcode revision in HWINfo64 or AIDA64, here’s where to look for each


Tell me your CPU model, so I can show you what microcode the BIOS has in it, vs what you find at above, because you may actually see “Windows” inserted microcode instead of BIOS due to all the security issues lately Windows has been trying to keep up and override BIOS versions.
Actually, here, this is the microcodes in the current 0314 BIOS, since I think that is the one you are still using, if you don’t see the matching microcode shown here for your CPU’s CPUID then it’s windows version instead. Same codes in each BIOS file, since only one is really needed (Derp)
Even on a clean install I don’t see how BIOS could use any of these, they aren’t coded in correctly anyway


I will look into backlight brightness setting for you too, this is often in hidden settings of the BIOS, so I may be able to enable for you or at least adjust. If I can’t enable, I will send you a few BIOS to try with varying brightness settings adjusted while hidden still, then you can see if it even affects or not.
So they sold you a known incompatible built system, I believe that after seeing how they butcher a BIOS

I try to mod bios unlock with you provide 0314 file , below was my mod.

If my mod can unlock chipset tab and unlock some of options on advanced tab ,plz
capture some screens of them.

Good luck


@Lost_N_BIOS My CPU is Core i7 4790K. I suppose HWInfo/AIDA would show the Windows inserted microcode. But I will check.

@genius239 Hi Feng

I have some queries:

1. You haven’t done the mod on the latest Bios, instead the older one?

2. Have you updated the ME firmware in your modded Bios?

3. If anything goes wrong in flashing the modded Bios, do you think the system will allow to flash the stock Bios? Or I will have to use the hardware programmer?

4. Should I be using the manufacturer provided instructions to flash your modded Bios too?

These file from you provide 0314.zip ,i don’t know if it is the latest.

I only mod setup module , it didn’t effect boot ,as long as flashing normally.
I think you need use my mod to replace original one(file name was the same) ,use original tool or bat file to flash.

@genius239 The latest Bios was shared in Post #3. The link is:


Try this one again.

Thanks for jumping in to help @genius239 - if you still need my help with any of this let me know @akm

@Lost_N_BIOS I will be needing your help. I think I would want to try out first your provided modded BIOS as you have observed some technical issues with the stock BIOS files. You pointed out the CPU microcode related issues which I think are really serious to be there in the stock BIOS. I am also concerned about the older ME firmware in the stock BIOS, which you said you would replace it with the one I am using. You also said that it might be possible for you to fix the display brightness issues. So, it would make sense that I work with you (in providing all the info you need) and try out your modded BIOS. Hopefully, that should address my requirements and fix the problems. If we get stuck anywhere, we can loop in @genius239 who has been kind and helpful to quickly provide a modded BIOS.

@genius239 I am thankful to you for both the mods. I had certain questions and some concerns, which I am not raising now. I will raise that as we loop you in. This thread was actually in continuation of PMs between me and Lost_N_BIOS, and all the problems have been described to him in detail. So, it can only make sense to try out his suggested fixes first.

Did you try his BIOS yet? If you did, and it works, we can carry on from his mods to the other things I mentioned trying to help with. That would save me some time, if he’s already fixed the menus and settings as you wanted

Are you still on the .14 BIOS? If yes, did you check what microcodes are shown by the way I mentioned?
If it’s not Revision 1D then windows loaded microcodes, and only way you’d be able to tell if BIOS actually loads one ever, vs windows stock one is a clean install without being connected to the internet, then see if 1D shows or something else (Which would be windows stock included)
It’s not a big deal, and I will correct this in the BIOS anyway as I update the codes, I was simply curious what really happened in an instance where the BIOS was messed up like that.

I see in BIOS, GFX Low Power Mode is enabled for either fail safe and default, so that could affect you if you are a gamer, but that may be always like this for laptops
In regards to what you mention, I see “Backlight Control” is set to PWM Normal, there is three other options there, but I am unsure what they do. But, there is no levels like I’ve seen in some.
One is PWM Inverted, GMBus normal and inverted too. I was thinking trying PWM Inverted, but if that fails to load the screen for you then you’d have to recovery BIOS blindly (with autoexec.bat file) or flash programmer.
Changing settings like this can be risky, without you wanting to use a programmer Often it’s easy to access your BIOS chip without having to take it all apart, usually only bottom needs to come off.

These are the hidden settings in regards to graphics


No, not yet. I had some concerns/queries which are mentioned below:

1. I checked with ME Analyser the version of ME Firmware in the modded BIOS. It is I already have a higher version installed, so I am concerned that the manufacturer suggeted BIOS flashing process may attempt to downgrade the ME firmware version and can cause problems. (The screenshot of ME Analyser is attached)

2. Is there any modding required in the rom file that is there in EC1 folder in the latest BIOS folder that I uploaded, so as to make things consistent with the changes done in the other rom files while modding?

3. As per the manufacturer recommended BIOS flash process, I should flash the EC1 and EC2 first and then flash the main BIOS. Do you recommend the same or there is some change due to modding?

Yes, I am on .14 stock BIOS. I have attached the screenshots of AIDA64 and HWInfo64. My CPU is Core i7 4790K. The Microcode is 1Eh.

That will be great if you update the correct codes.

Yes, I am a gamer too. And this laptop is a gaming laptop. It is a shame that they have enabled the GFX Low Power Mode. Do you think there could be any issue with disabling the Low Power Mode?

Trying to recover BIOS blindly would be a daunting task. So, if such a risk is there, I would suggest to leave it as it is.

I have the information that EC firmware and GPU drivers are responsible for backlight control. If that makes sense, could you please check the rom file that is there in the EC1 foler in the latest BIOS folder that I shared in post #3. Perhaps that may shed more information.

It is not so in this laptop. Please see the attached image of the Backside of the laptop opened. Below the heatsinks are the socketed CPU and GPU (MXM3.0b card). The entire unit will have to be disassembled for accessing the SPI chip. It would not be possible for me to do that.

Hmm. Thanks for all the info.

  1. OK, I was only curious, to see if his BIOS settings were as you wanted, if so I can update ME there and continue.
    2. That is why I asked you which BIOS you used, so I wouldn’t have to modify both. I can do both, but it will take longer, not too much though. Really you only need to flash one, with ME or without (One does not have ME)
    I checked flash.bat and flashme.bat, one is flash BIOS the other is flash BIOS with ME from the larger BIOS w/ ME using FPT instead of AFU. All that could be done in one action, with one BIOS, and one programmer.
    Or ME by itself, no need for second BIOS, but I see how they code BIOS, no wonder they have this convoluted flashing process! I’ll update both w/ final changes to make your life easier, so you can use their process to update

    3. I read their instructions, see above, I would follow their advice on method and order. EC updates will not matter to what we’ll do.

    Thanks for the images and microcode check. See, BIOS .14 contains only 1Dh microcode for your CPU, so that 1Eh must be loaded by windows/windows update
    I’d love to see what code is shown on a clean install, never connected to internet, but that’s up to you only if you’re bored and have a spare disk and enjoy stuff like this

    I do not know outcome of changing the low power mode, it could brick the BIOS, or it could overheat the laptop, or it could have no effect. I don’t know, and wouldn’t want to do unless you have recovery options ready

    I’ll look over the LG datasheet and see if anything catches my eye. And thanks for pointing me to look at the EC1, I will check it out.

    I see what you mean about the insides of that system, stuff might have to come out, but not sure I’d need to see more and larger pics. At very least, that black shell surrounding things might need to come out, probably not heatsinks on the CPU/GPU
    BIOS is usually close to CMOS, that’s why I was thinking the black shell might be in the way. Can you add a close up good image of the 8-pin chip there on the left side right under the fan, that may be the BIOS. There is similar but smaller one on the graphics card in the middle, that’s it’s BIOS.

    Changing the things you asked about initially probably will not be any issue, and would not be something to be concerned about needing to recover from. But their BIOS itself worries me, and the process too but it should be OK.
    I was laughing for a good bit, thinking if I fix something in the BIOS it might actually break it, so I will try to limit the fixing as I go

I don’t know what BIOS settings will be in his modded BIOS, because I haven’t yet flashed it due to the older version of ME there. I will wait for you to provide your modded BIOS with the updated ME.

Just to ensure that either of us have no confusion:

a. I uploaded two stock BIOS: 03.14 (which I am on currently) and 05.01 (which is the latest to which I have not upgraded yet). I wanted to flash the latest BIOS 05.01 with all the new changes/mods.

b. In the latest stock BIOS 05.01 Folder, there are three rom files.

c. I suppose you refer to 4MB file as ‘flash BIOS’ and 8MB file as ‘flash BIOS with ME’. Please correct me if otherwise.

By the way, I have just observed one inconsistency between the stock BIOS 03.14 and 05.01. In 03.14, flashme.bat and flash.bat use different rom files; while in 05.01, flashme.bat and flash.bat use the same rom file. Does that need to be corrected as well while you mod 05.01?

Ok, great.

All right. I will try arranging for a spare hard drive, do a clean install and let you know the microcode. I believe though Windows will insert the microcode even in that case otherwise the CPU may cause performance issues (which I never observed during previous installations other than throttling.)

Ok. I suggest that we leave this too as it is. There have been no GPU performance issues anyway.

You will also be able to find more information related to how display is being used in the Service Manual of the laptop, in the schematics in the last few pages of the document.

I have attached two images of the region below that fan. These images have been taken from the Service Manual and zoomed in good quality. For even higher quality images, I will have to open the system and use a good camera. You can let me know.

The chip in the region under the fan does not look like SPI chip to me, but you can tell better. I have attached another image of the front side of the motherboard (which is below the keyboard) which shows the chipset controller (this image also has been taken from the Service Manual). I believe that the SPI chip would be one of the chips that are in the vicinity of the chipset controller. In any case, a complete disassembly would be required to access any of those chips.

Cool. I would rather stay on the safer side and not get those changes done which can brick the system.

Haha. That was funny.

I know all the BIOS you upload, and which are which etc, no confusion there so no worries. And yes, I see all that’s in each too
That is correct, I was talking about P770ZM.01 as BIOS and P770ZM8M.01 as BIOS w/ ME. I thought I caught that too, some incorrect stuff in the batch files, but didn’t plan to check it all over until later when mod BIOS was done.

That’s what I was saying about why two BIOS etc. The P770ZM.01 is not necessary, at all, all functions they do in the batch files (EC stuff aside), can all be done with the complete BIOS w/ ME

You don’t have to do a clean install test, unless you get bored and had a spare disk handy. Don’t go out of your way for that, it would be interesting to see what shows, but if it’s any kind of hassle for you don’t worry about it.
If you do end up doing this, maybe do Win7 if you have a ISO handy, don’t connect to internet ever, then get that microcode info from the same apps again.

I downloaded the full LP173WF4-SPD1-LG.PDF from another site, but thanks I’ll check that one you linked now as well.

Thanks for the images, but those are not good enough to see things good enough. If you want to look with flashlight and magnifying glass, get the numbers off this chip, it’s the one I suspected. - https://i.imgur.com/YDOIWuD.png

But yes, you are right, possible BIOS also right above chipset (2) on other side, to right of CPU socket backside right between the pink dots, and another over to right side on that same image, above where it says P750ZMMBB.
But they are often right around CMOS battery too, and none of these images shown that area due to the black housing and metal spacers etc there.

Just wanted to add few more points about the display:

1. As I mentioned previously, the laptop officially supports NVIDIA 9xxM GPUs. And I have got an AMD card with the system. There is no display backlight control issue on the display with NVIDIA cards. So, whatever default BIOS setting is (like PWM Normal mode) for the display should be correct. The information that I have is that there is some incompatibility between AMD drivers and EC/KBC of the system and because of that AMD GPUs are not able to control the display backlight.

2. The BIOS does not recognize the GPU. If you could add relevant GPU IDs to make this AMD GPU recognized by the BIOS, perhaps the incompatibility with EC/KBC goes away and the backlight control starts to work automatically.

3. The display is a G-Sync display. So, it could be possible that NVIDIA GPUs have some special communication with the display and through that the backlight is controlled. It’s just a thought. I don’t have enough technical understanding of how GPU drivers control the backlight though.

In any case, is it possible for you to expose that BIOS setting in the BIOS Menu for display backlight control where you have options like PWM Normal, GMBus Normal etc. and keep the optimized default as what is set currently? If that setting is available in BIOS Menu, I can try changing different options to see if with any of the options, the backlight control starts to work. Actually, when UEFI mode is disabled in BIOS, the laptop outputs to the external ports as well as the internal display even before the OS boots up (this doesn’t happen when UEFI is enabled). So, I am able to access BIOS settings using a monitor or a TV connected to the HDMI port. If I try that option and the laptop display doesn’t work, I can change the setting back to PWM Normal.

In addition, if anything could be done to get very stable and accurate clock on the system, that would be quite helpful. I want to use the laptop for critical audio and video realtime applications.

I tried taking pic of the suspected chip, due to it’s location slightly under the fan, I was not able to take a clear picture from my mobile phone camera. I will try later with a Digicam. I think it would be required if we land up in a situation where the external programmer is required. Honestly speaking, I would strictly want to avoid that situation and rather go with safe mods.

For the brightness control, seems like this guy knew what he was talking about (either done himself, or seen reports of suceess), when he replied to you about that in 2015

Did you ever try several older driver versions trying to find the correct series? They mentioned using older, and you mentioned only trying the latest and one older I guess 13.12, which is opposite of what they were suggesting.
Did you try any 10 or 11 or 12 series? If not, try them now and see if any help. When doing that, always use driver cleaner between switching versions

Stable and accurate clock? You mean bclk, that is often not 100% exact, and this is based solely on microcode and ME settings (Either can affect/adjust etc) In ME setting you set 100.000% Etc and one microcode might give you 99.98 out of that while another may give you 100.23 etc.
That could take years and 100’s of tests back and forth to find one pair, set exactly right, to keep it 100.00% Exactly. Not worth the time and effort on anyone’s part, if this is indeed what you meant.

The only absolutely safe BIOS flash in this instance is no BIOS flash, even stock BIOS flash could brick the board and this applies with all boards but more-so in this case due to BIOS build and convoluted flashing process.
It may be best to flash nothing until you have a CH341A flash programmer, and a SOIC8 clip, and then have identified and backed up the current BIOS chip and verified that’s it.
You’re out of warranty anyway since this is so old, so opening up the case is not a problem other than finding a teardown walkthrough

I just noticed, looking at the EC stuff for you tonight, in EC2 folder for the new BIOS, there is missing file. The batch calls for P72nd05.01 via >> EF2ND10C P72nd05.01 /AD, file is not there nor in any other folder
Due to this, I would ask them for a new correctly updated copy of the files before doing anything with the new BIOS.

  1. Yes I have tried all the drivers including the oldest ones that I could find on net and that were supported for my card. I do not remember the oldest version though. It did not make any difference.

    2. I was referring to BCLK only. I got your point. So, I would not worry about it.

    3. Yes, I know that the safest thing is not to flash BIOS at all. I am willing to take risks which you as a modder consider to be relatively safe. I believe things like exposing the chipset options, CPU power saving settings, HPET etc. should not be making kind of changes which can cause issues after the BIOS flash.

    The 03.14 BIOS that I shared with you was the one that I flashed the last time. So, it can considered a backup, right?

    4. I have just wrote a mail to the Reseller informing them about the missing file and requesting to provide the complete set.