[Request] How to flash a modded DELL mainboard BIOS?

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hey bro’s,my friend’s machine need to Change the dell Logo when launch the machine。(DELL PowerEdge R730)
I found a software “Change OEM Logo for Aptio”.Could it be OK?

And the most important question is how to flash it’s modded bios?
I found the bios is a little different from the desktop bios.It didn’t has ME module but SPS module.Could I used FPT to flash it?And if so,what kind of version I should use?

I had used the FPT which’s version of ME 9.0-9.1,and it could be extract the bios!!!

btw,I bring the bios from the official website.

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Lost_N_BIOS is our expert regarding your request. So please wait until he has replied.

Can someone help me figure out how to flash a modded version of the dell inspiron 15 5575u bios? I can give more details if needed just ask. I am not at my computer right now so I dont know the bios architecture(version 1.1.9) but the cpu is an amd ryzen 5 with a radeon Vegas 8 mobile graphics card. I believe dell has a custom motherboard but not 100% sure. Someone else help, preferable step by step, but I’ll take a vague answer too.

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I have changed the thread title, because the related advice given by any expert may be valid for other users with another DELL device as well.

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Unfortunately I cannot help you myself, because I don’t have any own experience with a DELL PC/notebook. Our expert for all questions about how to flash a modded BIOS is Lost_N_BIOS and I am pretty sure, that he will give you the requested advice.
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@gloobox - please send me FPT dump - I also already replied to you here with some info, before I saw this thread - Dell Optiplex 50xx/70xx/90xx custom splash screen (2)

@Nathanfite94 - Sorry, I don’t know, unless you can find working version of AFU that’s compatible with your BIOS AND Modified BIOS (Tough one there, only certain ones will allow mod BIOS flash, and most are getting old now)
I can PM you lots to try, but it’s literally 20+ versions due to DOS, CMD Line, or GUI versions all within their own separate versions as well
You’re best, and easiest thing to do, is purchase a $2.50 CH341A flash programmer + $3.50 SOIC8 test clip cable on ebay, then you can easily do whatever you want with the BIOS. Let me know if you need some example links to those tools on ebay.

bios dumped by the fpt. thanks~

hey bro,how is my dumped bios you think? Is there any problem with it?hah~

A bump to this thread. This is exactly what im trying to do, but all google searches return back to the forum lol. Dell actually offers this as a service, so I wonder if there is an easier way. If you need any details from the server (730XD) I can get them for you.

PowerEdge R730 support
latest bios version is 2.12.1 (20 Jan 2021)

PowerEdge R730xd support
latest bios version is 2.12.1 (20 jan 2021)

Dell Server PowerEdge BIOS R630/R730/R730XD all are using the same files

could you update to it then make a dump? please upload it to mediafire. also add a screenshot from the bios menu. would be helpful to anyone who wants to take a look at it

Updating management engine firmware also recommended
Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine:Drivers, Firmware and Tools

As rule of thumb,keep your OS,apps,bios and drivers updated