[Request] How to get Win7 installed onto a modern AMD Chipset System?

Greetings everyone on this Win-Raid forum. I was trying to make Windows 7 to work on my modern hardware (Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ALC6) Laptop and it keeps freezing on the boot screen. The problem is that i used every single ACPI that users gave me in the Official Kernel Extenders discord server, and it still didn’t even work. and when I use an AHCI mod that i used Thanks to fernado for this amazing driver :two_hearts:, I sadly didn’t able to boot Windows 7 because it was stuck on the boot screen (not hanging) after some time it restarts, anyways problems aside, Can somebody give me comments that i need to do, and I unfortunately gave up and downgraded Windows 11 to Windows 10 IoT LTSC 2021 and I accidentally lost my ISO’s that i had.

So the last thing is to say, Where do i even start and which iso should i even choose and what drivers should I use???

I will give out all the driver ID’s of all the compoments in Device Manager and even show Info in the UEFI version and etc.

I just want to expect it to run out of the box hopefully.

driver-list.zip (1.7 KB)

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The lack of replies to your help request and >this< thread do verify, that it is not easy to get Win7 installed onto a modern PC/laptop system with an AMD chipset.
My personal advice as owner of an AMD X570 chipset mainboard: If you want to run Windows 7, you should better use a much older PC/mobile system.