[Request] HP HDX9000 BIOS mod

I’ve started a new thread on mods of this legenrady monster lappie

what did you do to set a X9100 working with 1066 FSB. any mod needed?? bios, I am interested, I gave 2 hdx dragon to upgrade.

is it possible to install a qx9300 cpu??


He managed to make it work on 800MHz FSB by configuring motherboard straps to override the limitation of PM965. Then OC-ed CPU bus to 266 to gain the genuine perfomance of the processor. It also required to overclock RAM.

Did I miss something?

ok so core duo x9000 to keep the fsb stock.
is it possible to use a quadcore??


The chipset is thinking it’s working on 800Mhz FSB, but the real clock is 1066. I broke BSEL1 line for PM965 by removing one end of R520 and connected the nearest VCCP to it. After installing X9100 the RAM will get overclocked automatically as a result, so we need to increase RAM voltage for stability, otherwise you get errors during RAM tests. Something around 1.96v should be enough. If I recall correctly, I only changed the resistance of R148. I also increased VCCP because PM965 would probably need more power as well.

The biggest problem with quads is insertion of the APIC table which is bigger than the original one. I have asked for help from Maxinator500 from the biosmods forum, but he said he will be able to get to work from summer.

This is what I did to raise the RAM voltage up to 1.96v after the FSB overclock.

R148 should be around 75K and R147 around 47K. Remember to always measure exact resistance before installing the resistors. Run memtest and complete at least 1 pass to see if you get any errors. If you do, need to increase voltage using the following equation where R1 is R148 and R2 is R147, Vout = 1.96:

I used bigger resistors because I didn’t have these in 0402 package.
And it seems like I didn’t increase the VCCP 1.25v voltage (R143 and R172).

I ordered an x9000 recently, can we overclock it to 4ghz on the HDX dragon??, how can we modify the CPU voltage on the HDX??

keep us informed to get the max out of this HDX DRAGON!! (I have two units) :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to get as high as 4.25GHz with X9100, but I wasn’t even able to run a test because of BSODs and freezes. At max voltage 1.5V the CPU got as hot as 80 under no load even though I installed a huge copper heatsink with fans (but without heat pipes). I assume X9000 will behave in the same way.

You can adjust voltage through ThrottleStop. The connection between the CPU and the power controller is direct, so you can’t break it without cutting the traces if you want to install hardware switches for voltage control. Another option is to use a solder iron to remove the voltage control pins from the CPU. You will then be able to use testpoints on the motherboard to connect hardware switches. I did so on my Dell M6400, so I have one QX9300 with some pins removed :slightly_smiling_face:

with ThrottleStop , I am limited to 1.2v for the CPU voltage I can not go above, do you know why?? I tried with ThrottleStop 5.0 and ThrottleStop 9.5. I would like to set a x9000 to 3.8ghz at least


It seems like you didn’t click the UNLK button. Should be able to go above after that

I can get my hands on an x9100 for very cheap, does it boots and works straight on a stock HDX dragon 20.1?? my idea is to keep the stock 800mhz FSB and increase the multiplier with ThrottleStop.

Were you able to sort everything out your regarding ThrottleStop? I have your deleted messages saved in the email :grin:
X9100 should start at 800, but I don’t understand why not to install X9000 instead if you are not going to increase FSB

thanks brother!

I have 2 hdx dragon, one has a x9000 es , the other has a t8100.
I want to swap the t8100 with an x9100 if possible… :slightly_smiling_face:
the 1066mhz fsb operation seems risky.I need stability. I have 8gb of ram

is it possible to overclock the FSB via software??

yes , I solved the ThrottleStop mess! the UNLK button appears only if the cpu is an unlocked cpu(x9000, etc…). so t8100 could not .

Also the x9100 is theoretically more stable at higher clock than the x9000
I would like 800mhz fsb x 19 mutiplier to get 3800mhz

by the way what is your system+driver, are you on win7??
do you have some freeze sometimes due to driver compatibility issues?

1066 is risky? This is the config I’ve been working with for a couple of years and it’s working great. I only have some troubles with the touch panel behaving randomly, so I just turned it off (now I have more free space for resting my hands; profit :grinning: :+1:). But I can’t claim the FSB mod is the reason because I also did some other stuff to the motherboard like ATI-to-NVIDIA mod. X9100 is definitely a better option than X9000.
I’m using win7 x64. Which drivers are you asking about? I don’t experience any freezes.
I hardy believe you will be able to work continuously at 3.8GHz because of the fans spinning always at max and the temps going as high as 80 or more depending on the load. What thermal paste are you going to use for such high temps? Liquid metal would be the best option I think, but I have not tried it yet.

do you use a specific type of ram to get 1066mhz??
I might do the mod later because of you!! :laughing:
first, I need to secure my purchase of x9100, I need to check its compatibility with stock 800mhz fsb.
so according to you x9100 can run at 800mhz and boot stock without mods?

nothing fancy, I am just using mx-4 thermal paste, my x9000 ES is doing 3400mhz with less than 55degree.

I have 8800m GTS, but sometimes the screen freeze or turn black when I plug the external monitor on the HDMI and vga port. I did not have any freeze when I uninstall the graphic driver on win8.1.

freezes are random. I do not know the exact prob.

I love soo much the dragon due to its design, ports and big screen.
if the MXM graphic card could be upgraded, that will be great!
the quad-core cpu would be an amazing upgrade as well!

not only me got the freeze…

I confirm that when I remove the Nvidia driver, no more freeze

Nope, I have a normal DDR2-800 working now at 708MHz CL4. I decided to flash it to reduce latency.
X9100 should be running at 800 without mods, just try and see.
From my experience MX-4 gets deteriorated (turns into water or smth) very fast at temps above 60, so I wouldn’t recommend using it.
Maybe your 8800M is dying or it could be caused by the Nvidia power optimizer somebody told. Try win7 and see how it goes.

I’m looking for people who could help me with the motherboard swap. I will probably have an update next week. There are many ideas for the Dragon, it can be revived by the motherboard swap. But I’m also thinking about making an MXM adapter to connect desktop videocards because more powerful mobile cards need more heatpipes and better heatsink. And also, with this adapter you will be able to use your Dragon a monitor for a desktop PC. The built-in keyboard could also be connected to the PC as a USB device. It would be awesome to have this config, but it needs a lot of work. I think the keyboard needs to be rebuilt for this or some keyboard converter should be used for USB connection.
I will soon ask our community here what they want to have built-in with the motherboard swap. It needs to be included in the board design before manufacturing.

do you have 8gb of ram at 1066mhz??, can we put more than 8gb?
if I put a stock 1066mhz ram stick, do I need to boost the voltage to 1.96v??

I am willing to be a member of the hdx dragon revival with a new motherboard!


My memory is a standard DDR2-800 one running at 708mhz, 8GB. You can’t put more because the chipset doesn’t support more memory ranks per channel.
At least 1.96V is required for overclocked RAM to work without errors. I doubt you will be able to find 1066mhz SO-DIMM sticks. Even though there are some 1066 desktop sticks on the market, they work at CL7. The Dragon would force them to work at 950 (or smth) with CL6 which is considered to be an overclock and it is inevitable because the Dragon doesn’t support stock 1066.

Therefore the 1066fsb mod depends on the memory brand and model.
so no guarantee even after the mod to get the 1066fsb. it seems that you got lucky with your modded ram. What kind of ram stick do you recommend?
regarding the mx-4 thermal paste, I already saw some transparent liquid on some 9900k cpu… do you recommend the artic silver5?

by the way, do you know where to find new battery cell for the HDX?