[Request] HP HDX9000 BIOS mod


Just want to remind everyone here that I’m looking for engineers who could cooperate with me to do the motherboard swap. Let me know if anyone is interested

I am interested by new motherboard as buyer.
by the way , my 8800m gts is confirmed buggy.(freeze when nvidia driver are installed)

do I have an alternative to replace the 8800m with a better card?
I guess I need the same mxm type and size


Go for ATI which came in the other Dragons. Other cards will be useless because of the swapped LVDS pins in the MXM connector.

does a gts160m 1gb works? (pins and size look similar)
do you have modded bios for the hdx9000 with wifi whitelist, etc.
I would like to change the wifi card with something faster


Here you are. Whitelist removed

When looking for a videocard, you should find out the laptop model where the card was installed and check schematics of that laptop to see if the pins are swapped. Most likely they follow the MXM standard meaning that the card can’t be used in the Dragon without a doing a pin swap + need to fix MXM callback related stuff in the vBIOS to avoid possible performance issues and annoying messages during POST. This particular card was used in the MS-16511 board, but its schematics is not available for free. So I can’t check.

does the f41 bios exist with the whitelist removed?

The latest version is the modded F40

what is the difference between f40 f41?

If you are talking about the difference between the official versions, I don’t know. The modded version has EIST disabled and wifi whitelist removed.

Ok thanks!!

by the way the Nvidia freezing problem has been solved thanks to nvidia powermizer that lock the GPU voltage and frequency.

now any kind of Nvidia driver works!

Yeah, it was discussed on the previous forum. But I didn’t dive into that because I’m using Win7

I want to buy 8Gb of ram to overclock them to 1066mhz in the future.

crucial by micron
4GB PC2-6400 800MHz
1.8V, CL6

is it good DDR memory?? CL6 is better than CL4 ??
I need advises to purchase the best

The lower CL the faster the RAM. But also the higher the frequency, the faster the RAM. But remember that HDX9000 will be working at 667Mhz CL5 if you install a CL6 RAM.
I have done some tests for you to show you the difference between the 2 configs at 1066 FSB: CL5 886Mhz and CL4 708Mhz. I created a RAM partition using Primo Ramdisk and ran CrystalDiskMark

If you run the test repeatedly, the results will slightly change, but stay around these values.
Here’s the flashed RAM I’m using. The one flashed with CL4 is Crucial. I didn’t flash the other one because the Dragon will use the SPD of the slower RAM. But I assume it would be completely ok to flash the other one with the same SPD dump because the RAM chips are identical on both DIMMs.

on your picture, I can not see the cl4 crucial DIMM.
where can I find 4GB 6400 DDR2 CL4 SODIMM or better??

I found some 4gb Hynix dimm, check it.

Hynix chips are better than micron chips?

after a restart I got :grinning:

Looks better, but I’m curious to know why your random tests are better than mine.
Speaking of the CL4 RAM. I removed CL5 and CL6 timings in the SPD to change the FSB:DRAM divider

I found some 4gb Hynix dimm, check them.(check pictures above)
Hynix chips are better than micron chips?
those hynix dimm are good to buy?

Those in the pictures have the same chips as mine, just get them.
I don’t know if Micron is worse or better than Hynix, but they both are supposed to do their job.

I mean according to you I need dimms that can be flashable and support higher voltage to work with 1066 fsb, so I am looking for the best quality dimm to get the optimum performance with reliability.