[Request] Intel Wi-Fi 6 (AX200) driver for Windows 7 (I can DONATE the Wi-Fi card).

The Windows 7 inf and driver file (Netwsw04) don’t include the AX200. Only Netwtw08 does. Modifying the inf doesn’t help; you also need to mod the actual driver (.sys) itself.

Hello, I’ve just created an account to say that modifying the Netwtw08.inf file (also modding the Windows 10 AX200 Netwtw08.inf worked as well) allowed Windows 7 to see and recognise the AX200 wifi, however it does not work.

What I did to Netwtw08.inf was whenever the file had “NTamd64.10.0” in it I changed it to “NTamd64”. I just assumed that the “.10.0” was checking to see if it was Windows 10 and I was correct, once modded go into Device Manager and update the driver to wherever the extracted files are, it will say that its not signed etc, but who really cares.

I did test this and put the “.10.0” back and it didn’t see the driver at all, I hope this helps someone so we can get this bloody chip working with 7


Many Thanks!

I am a newcomer to this forum. I am trying to get Intel wifi AX200 driver working in Windows 7. All my efforts were in vain till now. However, following Gold_Phoenix advice above, I succeeded at least to recognize the device by the Device Manager. It now list it. Let me hope to get a working driver for this chip soon. Thanks.

I warmly welcome,

All good in the New Year. Health and many successful installations.

I am currently installing Windows 7 on an Asus ROG STRIX B450-F Gamaing II + Ryzen 5 5600X on a Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVme drive.
The situation is under control. I decided to equip my computer with a WiFi card. The choice fell on this Intel AX200 NGW. The card is installed in the M.2 2230 Key E slot.

I downloaded the latest drivers for Windows 10 and 11 (22.100.1) and modified the Netwtw08.inf file as Gold_Phoenix mentioned.

However, the adapter does not detect the network. There is a yellow exclamation mark with error code 39 of the driver.
Did anyone manage to get this card to work properly in Windows 7? Is it a shame that it will still work?

I too am looking for this driver to be able to use the WiFi of my GPD WIN MAX (which I installed Windows 7 to a VHD on the hard drive by using FlashBoot to make a bootable SD card).

I am a Chinese. That sentence means Hugehard (Microsoft) and Toothpaste Factory (Intel) (Wintel) is just a nest of mice and snake, because they make the users use Bugcrash 10 forse.

I will find more things in Baidu. Chinese DIYers even developed the AX200 Hackintosh driver, but until now, I cannot find any results about Win 7 driver!