[Request] Latest Intel RAID BIOS modules for Skylake CPU systems

I have an old EFI and option ROM for my Intel Rapid Storage RAID controller (version 14.xxx) and want to update it to the latest and most stable version ? I do not know whether to update with version 15 or with version 16 ? I would use the UBU tool to do the update. And what specific version should I take to have most stable system?

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Stability is your task to check only… im sure that you really expect the same "stability" in all models/brands of motherboards, you can go till the Intel-RST_RAID-ROM_v17.7.0.4404, a few models will accept higher
but not recommend.
for ex.: the 17.8 fails on some models.

@FSHEHTESI I have tested many IRST OROM and EFI SATA modules for the Gigabyte Z170-HD3-DDR3 and posted my results for working combinations here.

MeatWar suggested to only use up to - which is good advice (although would not work on my system it may work on yours).

To be honest I cannot really understand the sense of your request.
These were the results of my own experiences with different Intel 100-Series chipset RAID0 arrays:

  1. The performance and stability of an Intel RAID array depends much more on the in-use Intel RST storage driver version than on the Intel RST RAID module version.
  2. The newest usable Intel RST RAID drivers and BIOS RAID module versions are not automaticly the best choice for systems with an older Intel chipset.
  3. To get the best possible results, the in-use Intel RAID storage driver and the Intel RAID BIOS module should belong to the same Intel RST platform (e.g. v13 or v15), if possible even to the same development branch (e.g. v13.2 or v15.5).
  4. All available Intel RST RAID storage driver versions are backwards compatible with Intel RAID BIOS modules, which belong to an older RST platform version, but maybe not forwards compatible to a newer one.

My advices:
  • Users, who want to create and run their Intel RAID array at its best, should as first step find out the “best” Intel RST storage driver for their system (no matter, which Intel RST RAID BIOS module is currently present within the BIOS).
  • Only after having done that first step, it is a good idea to flash a BIOS, whose Intel RST RAID EFI/OROM module matches the platform and - if applicable - the development branch of the “best” Intel RST driver.