[Request] List of Supported CPUs - Zotac ER51070


I have a Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS ER51070 - a Mini PC based on Ryzen 5 1400.
I was thinking about upgrading the CPU to something else, but there are some conflicted information and i am not sure is it worth to invest even a bit of money to upgrading it or not.

Is it possible for you to help me and check the latest BIOS - Version 2K190425 - microcode support?
Does it support ONLY Ryzen 5 1400 or whole “Summit Ridge” (Ryzen 1000 series)?
Or maybe there is something more to it?

I guess there is no way of modding the bios, so just that CPU support information will be a great help from you.

Thanks for all the help

Drop the file onto the MC Extractor and it will show the present mcodes on the bios.
Still this doesn’t mean that the motherboard will support all possible cpu models as it can have OEM restrictions/black listed models due to Architecture, TDP, etc… and specially the AGESA…what makes it hard to find a answer to your question.
Good luck.

@Karti Looking on Reddit, some people have tried a Ryzen 5 1600 and Ryzen 7 2700 without success but the Ryzen 5 1500X worked.

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