[REQUEST] Make non ASUS bios to support Asus GTX950M-2GD3/DP

Hi guys,
So I have two GTX 950M videocards taken from ASUS M32CD4 desktops. Card itself is a GM107 chip (GTX 750/ti) paired with 2Gb DDR3 memory, hdmi and VGA ports. It is actual thing and it got reviewed here: watch?v=acATaZCh8g0

The problem is - they don’t work in 3D on anything, except two or three ASUS models. The guy who made the video, actually have original ASUS board, and had no issues. Others, who go it aftermarket, can’t make it run. Symptoms are: generic error 43 when drivers are installed, CPU-Z shows no memory / clocks. I can dump and edit card BIOS, it is valid. Bios file is twice the size of regular 950m. I can flash bios from another mobile 950m with GDDR5 and get device working, but i lost video outputs and, because no 2gb ddr3 memory card exist, I run optimus but got artifacts in 3d ( because memory type wrong). I also tried to change my Z170 board ID to ASUS, but no luck.

I believe something exist in bios to let card works correctly, or even it is just a check for some parameter in BIOS. I have downloaded M32CD4 bios and comparing it to the similar generic asus H110 one for now.
May be you know what can be the issue or what modules relate to card support? I don’t want to lose display output.