request microcode 306A9 revision 19

Hello all,

could someone be so nice and give me a advice where find microcode306A9 revision 19?

Thanks lot

@DaCou - It’s in a folder over here on my storage drive…523861766860102

wow thanks a lot man. Just for sure, can I simply try add microcode via UBU or try via MMMtool is better?

You’re welcome! It depends on BIOS really, both tools you mention may use MMTool anyway depending on BIOS and where all the microcodes are in the BIOS

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS ,
I am searching for first microcode 306a9 family.
Can I ask you stupid question - can I relay that 306a9 version 7, 2011 from UBU is first piece of microcode, or is possible to find something launched before somewhere?
Thanks for your help Dan

This is what I found in my collection of UBU from SoniX

cpu000306A9_plat12_ver00000007_date21-11-2011.rar (9.19 KB)

These are all the mcodes i could retrieve for the 306A9 platform 12.


1155mcodes.rar (204 KB)

Thanks Gnar and Thinking,
I was hoping some version would exist before cpu000306A9_plat12_ver00000008_date07-12-2011.bin. My goal is to get work +400 MHz on Turbo bins, where on Haswell CPUs that exploit was done through applying very first microcode or even booting less microcode. I already tried that 7 version, but without visible success, so now I will try boot less microcode or trying Coreboot which might be setting Platform info register better than than OEM has done.
@GnarZ77 are you able rising your core ratio to something like 43-42-39-39 or 39-39-39-39 on your Z77?
Thanks you guys

made mistake I meant to 43-43-42-41 or 41-41-41-41?

Don’t think too much. Memory overclocking is related to CPU memory controller, motherboard and memory wafer. Different batches of memory wafer may be different.

made mistake I meant to 43-43-42-41 or 41-41-41-41?
@thinking Yes you are probably right if you are thinking about BCLK OC, which could become unstable lets say at 103 MHz.
But I ment legit multiplier rising from BIOS menu.
Given that @GnarZ77 has CPU i7-3770, I am pretty sure he can rise max multi directly in BIOS because this CPU has limited overclocking turbo potencial, further Intel stayed it can by done on Z or P boards onlyl. My problem is i am on H61 :slight_smile:

since i don’t have a K version i can only set multiplier to 41 all core max.

I can set the multiplier higher in bios but that does nothing extra, cpu does 41 max. hardcoded by intel into the cpu.

Yes thanks for confirmation, in this case cpu is using unlocked turbo bins without restrictions. Originally it is supposed running only 3700 MHz (4 cores)

Hey @GnarZ77 ,

Please note with my gaz77m i am able to 43,43,42,41 in bios.

intel gave us(non K) limited oc wth +45 turbo bins with z series, please check what’s the difference to unlock for you, cpu stays the same temps.

Leme know what info you would like

@mrplamp , my asus p8z77-m does not allow anything higher then 4.1 on a non K. As mentioned i can set higher in bios but it will not boot anything higher then 4.1. (no matter what voltages)
I guess i could adjust my intel management engine configuration to let higher clocks be actually allowed.
Might be a bad bin cpu, cause the shop i bought it from does bin for their own builds… This cpu has never ran idle with stable frequence, it’s always bobbing around , never quietly stable on 1.6 . No matter if it’s on intel spec clocks or overclocked.
As far as i recall Intel gave us 4 Bins higher then the stock frequencies , which would make 3.9 max go to 4.3 on a single core , but my motherboard does not run higher then 4.1.

@GnarZ77 Aaah! was hoping I could help get here.

Will keep my eyes peeled for any other way and let you know! mi almost ready to try my new m…2 adapter after ME engine. then will get into OC and freq max settings.

My cpu-z score is currently 430 single and 2035 multi.

Hey @GnarZ77 ,

Found an exciting thread where others with early gen xeons unlocked their multipliers and rations by using K version microcode’s!! theres definitely still a chance!

[Request] Old Microcode for All Core Max Turbo Speed on Haswell (2)

@GnarZ77 Bro i found it!! the answer to our search!!

[Request] Old Microcode for All Core Max Turbo Speed on Haswell (2)

This MC enables all 4 to run at max turbo! :slight_smile: