[Request] Modding Bios 4101 for Asus Rampage V Extreme


I appeal to the modding experts

Please make mod for Asus Rampage V Extreme Bios version 4101 with the latest microcodes for Haswell-E CPU Intel Core i7 5960X.

Many thanks


Here u go: [OFFER] ASUS Rampage V Extreme - modded BIOSes (29)

mcodes ONLY.

EDIT: Man…RST and LAN, why u didnt u asked before…im sure that u had that already in mind…it takes time and concentration and responsibility, on this u know.
Try the update bios for now, ill do it tomorrow, have no time now.


Thank you for the quick feedback to the request. Sorry, I sent an incomplete request.

I’ll wait for you updated BIOS Mod with latest microcodes, RST and LAN.

If the modded BIOS is successfully updated, I will be glad to give a donation for help.

With better wishes