[Request] MSI H97M-G43 rBAR / Above 4G Decoding

Hi, I just installed a RX 6700 XT, but rBAR does not work because it´s not available in BIOS…
Then I saw that it´s possible to activate it with a modded BIOS!
I tried it with this tutorial:

But when I open the latest E7924IMS.2B0 in UEFITool it does not find “4G Decod” or “Above 4G”…
So it´s not possible to mod it?
I saw that it was successful for another MSI H97 Board:

Here you go:
H97MG43MOD.rar (8.0 MB)

Flash the bios using intelfpt i provide there, wont recommend use m-flash (you could try if you want). command for intel fpt is
fptw64 -f E7924IMS.2B1

after succeed:

fptw64 -greset, reboot and see if it boots. If it boots, go to bios, disable CSM, save and exit, and make sure CSM is disabled on bios.

To enable above 4G use this guide (starting from step 5) using modgrub (i hope you understand how to use mod grub).

Here is your varoffset:

to enable using modgrub, type setup_var 0x1 0x0 and enter (make sure it is set to 0x0), then type reboot and press enter, then go to bios, boot to modgrub again, and setup_var 0x1 0x1 (make sure it is set to 0x1) and enter, then type reboot and enter, and see if it boots to windows. if everything done, run rebarstate as admin, type 32 and enter, and reboot, then see if pcie resizable bar is enabled and bar size is there on gpuz (post a screeenshot here).

If you dont mind, after everything successfull, please post a screenshot like this:


Wow it works! Crazy shit :smiley: Thank you so much! :slight_smile: