Request MSI H97 Gaming 3 (MS-7917) Above 4G Decoding

Hi and and thanks to all for the guides however already tried AMIBCP but it still doesn’t show up and if enable it break my system even CSM off unfortunately blackscreen…

Any kind of help is appreciated :grinning:

Here my mod bios 306C MC 07, 22
E7918IMS.rar (7.8 MB)

if enable it break my system even CSM off unfortunately blackscreen.

@jefflebon if you have CSM completely off and still black screen then it could be a problem with the GOP on your GPU. what GPU do you have ? it might need GOP update/fix

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Here you go, try my bios:

Bioses.rar (8.0 MB)

.1B0 = stock bios modded + patched
.1B1 = same as 1B0 BUT left the mcode v99 (mcode 07 in disguise), if you want to try it

everything updated BUT mcode left at stock, no pad files destroyed.

Flash the bios using intelfpt i provide there, wont recommend use m-flash. command for intel fpt is
fptw64 -f biosname.1B0 or biosname.1B1

after succeed:

fptw64 -greset, let it reboot and see if it boots.

I left the settings on AMIBCP for PCI Subsystem to user, and Above 4G (and the 64 Resource) at USER, you can mod it yourself for hidden settings as you want

As always, DWYOR

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EDIT its working :see_no_evil: thanks!

Flash by ftp don’t help but I was able to enable 4G Deco by creating an overclocking profile and saving before the mess and disable igd multi monitor (no quicksync)

I made several attempts to put ReBarDxe.ffs (0.1 and 0.2 ) with MMTool to avoid not destroying the pad-file like this but not luck

so, did you ended up using my bios? If you wanna try this one got updated everything but not mcode and rst. same as the first vbios i gave but now with addition of update OROM.

H97Gaming3.rar (7.8 MB)



ReBarDxe doesn’t work when inserted using MMTool. I don’t know the reason for it but it’s best to just use UEFITool

Thank you I appreciate, currently running it and works properly “above 4g deco” still hidden but doesn’t matter can be enable from overcloking profile

I did some tests and I can confirm that MMtool works for my board, you have done a great job with ReBarDxe for old boards thanks


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did my modded bios did work on you?

Yes, just add MC 22 and user for enhanced turbo since is H97. The overclok profile can work on the stock BIOS to enable 4G Deco

1.69 is new for me :+1:

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hope your H97 going strong

Also yeah i could revert the bios version naming if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

my Z68A-GD65 G3 just died a week ago so rip :")

Edit: Oh wait did Mcode 07 working? i meant the bios i modded only includes mcode v99 which is modified header for 07 so windows wont override it (maybe?).

Edit 2: oh wait it got 1E, seems i dont touch mcode then (sorry i forgor)

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