Requesting kind modder to modify BIOS 7C37v1C7 for mobo X570 MSI EDGE GAMING WIFI.
Main request is to disable HPET by default, optionaly unlocking all features.

Couldnt edit PE32 by myself, kinda hard for me…

EDIT by Fernando: Thread title specified as “Request”

Please link me to your BIOS download page.

there you go kind sir:

https: //download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C37v1C7.zip

Please link me to your BIOS download page, not the BIOS itself, thanks
Also, please clarify, do you need HPET disabled by default really, or is it OK to just make visible to you?

Its okay to make it visible toggle on/off

https:// pl.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MPG-X570-GAMING-EDGE-WIFI#down-bios

Link is polish but the bios section is in EN.

@MIETAS - Thanks for the link, I just want to make sure I have proper model / BIOS folder name, that’s why I need you to link me to the BIOS download page
And thanks about the setting, it’s 4-5 extra bytes to edit, in several modules, for me to change the default, while that is not hard it’s just extra unnecessary editing when you can easily change yourself once you load the BIOS.
That’s the reason I asked to be sure about that

Here is mod BIOS (Do not rename), flash via M-Flash. If first BIOS from SetO folder flash in OK, but no HPET visible at bottom of Integrated Peripherals, then use SetAMITSDS folder one instead

If M-Flash will not let you flash this (I suspect may happen), then you will need to do what is outlined at “Annex” section of post #1 and dump your current BIOS contents using that method, send to me, then I will edit, then you flash back using that method instead.
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

You are gold @Lost_N_BIOS

Will try this after work and post the results.
Most of all - thank you for dedicating your time to help random dude from the internet - this is pure awesomeness.

@MIETAS - You’re welcome And thanks to you too!
I try to help when I can, as much as possible

About your other requests, I’d need entire images of ALL your current BIOS pages/settings etc, before I could reveal anything else hidden.
If you want to do that, use F12 to screenshot to USB, then please batch resave the images as jpeg or PNG, whichever is less MB, then max compress and send in single archive
That way I can see what you can see now, vs what is hidden, then I can reveal all that’s hidden from you now.


MSI realeased new critical update(added AMD SAM -SMART ACCESS MEMORY function) - I could use some help in enabling HPET toggle in latest 7C37v1D1 bios:



also, if possible : I would like to unlock all the possible options from AMD Overclocking section and AMD CBS section - added screenshots


AMD Overclocking.PNG

@MIETAS - OK, we can do, please show me images of both of those pages of the BIOS, so I can see what is currently visible to you now.

There you go Chief - i hope its readable.

AMD Overclocking.PNG.jpg


@EDIT ofc the main goal is HPET toggle under integrated perihperals section. You’ve done this already for older bios ver.

Please redo, use F12 to screenshot to USB, put both in zip.
Sorry, I am on limited internet, hate wasting bandwidth if I don’t have to, thanks.
No worries, all will be done

Fully understand.
There you go:

screens.zip (544 KB)

@MIETAS - Thanks. Hmm, looking back, there is no results/info/answers from you about BIOS at post #6??? Did you ever flash those?
If yes, which BIOS did you have to use before you could see HPET, and did M-Flash accept it OK?

@Lost_N_BIOS Yes I successfully flashed modded 7C37v1C7 BIOS using m-flash.
Previously i was using the same non-modded version with HPET hidden, your mod unlocked that setting for me.

Sorry for not posting the results here, my bad.

@Lost_N_BIOS - any chances we can go back to this subject? Would be awesome :slight_smile:

@MIETAS - Yes, for sure! I just need to know what BIOS from post #6 you used which shows the HPET setting.
Did you test both, or only one? If you tested both, did both show it, or only one?

I’ve used one from SetO folder then m-flashed it with success and since it worked(HPET toggle went visible) I haven’t tried SetAMITSDS.

@MIETAS - Thanks. You are still using 3600x CPU correct? If yes, what you see in AMIBCP does not apply to your CPU’s area of the BIOS, so what I make visible from CBS/AMD OC will be similar, but not same, and not laid out the same either
That layout/settings structure/contents is upper portion of the BIOS, for older CPU only. Only mentioning so you know to not expect what you see in AMIBCP, some settings may be more or less, and none are laid out that same way order-wise
Please wait, this is a tedious edit. Very odd this BIOS is using setup contained CBS, instead of the actual full CBS Module!

@MIETAS - Here, please confirm, before I spend long time editing wrong setup (I’m sure it’s correct, but want to double check due to time this takes)
Do you now see “PBO Limits” at CBS area, and HPET still too?

Sorry, I didn’t notice until after upload, file has .rom extension, please remove that leaving extension .1D1 before you flash

@Lost_N_BIOS I can’t really confirm this becasue when i m-flashed this one - nothing is accessible in BIOS, can’t enter any menu section.
PC starts normally but settings cannot be seen/edited.