[REQUEST] MSI Trident X 10th (Z490 Meg)

Hi all,

I have recently been given an MSI z490 motherboard taken from a Trident x 10th gen. This runs a custom bios for the prebuilt system.

Unfortunately MSI forgot to update the bios to support 11th gen on this board, however the retail version MEG Z490I UNIFY has had loads of recent bios updates supporting 11th gen and more.

Seem MSI have missold alot of people into thinking this trident system would be upgradable in the future.

Would it be possible to get a bios update for the trident board to update it to the retail bios version? TIA

Trident 10th Bios - Compact PC MSI MEG Trident X with 10th Gen CPU and RTX graphics | The centerpiece of gaming

MEG Z490 Bios - MSI MEG Z490I UNIFY Mini-ITX Gaming Motherboard (10th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1200 Socket, Dual M.2 Slots, Thunderbolt 3 Type-C, Wi-Fi 6)

Read: [Request]MSI trident X 10th(z490i unify) 11th CPU support.

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