[Request] nvme bios mod for msi x79 gd645

i7-3820 CPU would be the norm for this series on launch, so it’s defiantly compatible with 1.xx BIOS. It costs more than the cheap Xeons I mentioned, but should be a good bit cheaper than 3930K

I checked V1 BIOS, and aside from 4x ES microcodes, the one retail matches following with 3820 too
E5-2620 QBF3, SR0H7 both have same CPUID as i7-3820 (206D6) = $18 on ebay & E5-2609 QBLX pair on ebay now for $21

OK! If I don’t find to borrow , I buy a cheap e5 2620. Thank you very much for you help.

If you get E5-2620, be sure to ask the seller to verify and make sure he sends you one of those SSPEC’s I mentioned C1 - QBF3, SR0H7), there is another SSPEC that is 206D7 which is not in the V1 BIOS
I forgot to mentioned E5-1607 QBLV is also 206D6, and E5-2603 QBLY - probably others too, but I was looking for the cheaper ones on ebay.

I`m downloaded bios, and rename file. I’m going to install, using M-flash. Bios working?
P.S. Motherboard msi x79a-gd65 (8d) functional Multi_BIOS_Switch.
[[File:Screenshot_2019-05-29 22-big-msi-x79a-gd65-8d jpg (??? JPEG, 1366 ? 907 ???).png]]

@liwi - if that is your board, then yes BIOS is working otherwise someone would have reported it’s not by now.

Having updated the bios, installed the nvme disc, has been working for a long time, while everything is alright. Updated using M-flash.

thanks for the help.

Great, thanks for report back it’s working properly @liwi

Hello, I flashed it using flashrom utility and live Xubuntu, because everything else, including m-flash wasn’t able to flash newer bios than 1.8. I was solving this for hours. Only “.rom” file I had, was from here and I was happy, when it posted, but I cannot boot from NVMe drive.
When I put in any of my pcie connectors Plextor PX-512M9PeGN in m.2 nvme to pcie adaptor(was properly working in AsRock X79 Extreme3 and my laptop), bios says, it sees some unknown(PATA: ) device and if I try to boot from it, “no boot device” message appears on screen. Do you have some advices? Thanks a lot.

@Bodax - You can’t flash stock BIOS with flashrom, or I mean you should never do that This is same as programmer, or FPT etc, only backup BIOS first, then modify, then reflash, when using tools like those. Otherwise you will loose your NVRAM, Serial, UUID, LAN MAC ID etc.

Since you now see PATA sounds like it’s correct. So for booting from NVME, this is all I know, you must do a clean install and follow all steps exactly as you see on step #4 here in the “This is what you should do” Section
[Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

Ok, then I stay on sata ssd and sas raid, because I have very important installation of Xubuntu with all programs needed for my work on tha nvme ssd. I’ll be using it in my spare laptop(T460s) instead of main rig. Thx for this bios/reply anyway.

Yes, clean install is usually required, there is ways around that but I do not know them or how involved that is. You may be able to backup your current install, mirror the drive, install a new OS, then copy back onto that all the OS folders and leave the new bootloader/EFI partitions in place, only copying over the actual OS install folders and all those contents.
Otherwise, yes, it may be best to wait until your next clean install, or do some heavy research into how to transfer a pre-installed UEFI OS to a new drive (direct exact clone may work, but I’m not sure, especially since new target would require NVME driver loading)

amigo quiero decirle que todo salio perfecto, tenia mucho temor, de verdad, pero confié en usted, y me funciono la bios y estoy trabajando con nvme samsung 960 evo 250gb perfecto!. muchas gracias. me sentí impulsado a donar, no fue mucho, pero de seguro de poco en poco… muchas pero muchas gracias…

Adjunto el backup de la bios original, quizás sirva de algo. claro que me quedaré con la MOD

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E7760IMS.rar (4.05 MB)

@Lost_N_BIOS , thank a lot for the updated bios it saved me quite some money for the whole PC upgrade.
Already send a donation to the forum :slight_smile:

@ptcz - You’re welcome! And thank you for the donation to the forums, it will help keep the site up and running, so we all appreciate that

I’m hoping this thread is still alive!

I just purchased a x79 GD645 (8D), the first time I’ve got an enthusiast board!! Built the system and flashed this bios on Bios (A) via m-flash… i didn’t rename and also flashed the ME firmware as well. So now bios A loops with no post codes, it like cycles on and off every 1-3 secs, and bios B loops with no bios screen but it always stops at 60 then restarts… no output on screen, no usb devices lighting up or anything… please help!

N.B I know I’m silly but I was so excited I didn’t think -_- I’m not sure if it’s the ME update thats done it or something else? I’m willing to replace bios or something if that would help? Also, I’m on a 3930K so if bios B was V1, thats not whats causing the post fail… any insight would be welcome!

@zenos2008 - What exact board do you have, and what BIOS did you flash in, what post #?? Only BIOS at post #4 is for the GD65 8D board.
Why did you not rename it as mentioned? This may not matter, unless M-Flash tells you no BIOS found, but if it finds it and flashes it then I guess renaming it’s not required on this board.

For booting to the other BIOS, try clear CMOS and boot it again with one stick of memory (make sure it’s in correct slots per the manual)

Some 3930K (C2) may require 1.4 BIOS, so if backup chip is 1.0 and you have C2 CPU, then it’s not going to work and you may need to pickup some cheap chip mentioned at post 20-23 that’s compatible with 1.0 BIOS (NOT 3820)
For that, you’d need to ask MSI directly, since it appears from their list that ONLY C1 3930K is compatible with BIOS 1.0

Or get flash programmer so you can then directly update both BIOS to latest again

OK, that sounds promising. I’ll check the stepping of the cpu, thanks. And on why i didn’t do those things? I’d downloaded (the correct) bios a while ago and was operating from memory. I’ve flashed a nvme modded biod on my old z68 asus board a while ago and thought nothing of it. As long as itcan be re-programmed at the end of the daym that’s a relief. I’ll keep yopu posted. Thanks a lot for the advice

Yes, you can always fix with programmer, once you have one. You still did not say, what exact board model you have, there is a few MSI X79 variants and it can be confusing, best to check the sticker on the board to be sure.

Oh sorry, X79-GD65 8D (MSI-7760 v1.1). I was worried about the ME firmware update screwing something that couldn’t be undone. I was coming from 4.4 on bios a i think… I’ve never checked Bios b so im just hoping the bootloop is cus it’s my 3930k isn’t supported as you’re correct, it is C2 stepping I’ve got. I’ll order a cheap xeon that’s compat with v1.0 see what’s what!

@lost_n_bios hi
i have also msi x79a-gd65 8d with 4930k
i am using my nvme sandisk ssd with adaptor for couple of months
I want to use it as primary drive
it seems that bios version is 4.8
If you guide me about bios update with your modded nvme boot support it will be wonderful and i will be happy about to donate for that.

Very Thanks