[Request] NVMe mod BIOS for GA-H87M-D3H

Hallo , I need help please, my MB: GigaByte GA-H87M-D3H, I need moded bios on this MB, I would like using m.2 disc in PCI-e adapter, but this bios no exists on this forum
Thanks for your cooperations

Since you obviously don‘t want to modify the BIOS yourself, I have moved you post into the „BIOS Modding Requests“ Category.
Good luck!

nobody, who can help me? thanks

Well, you don’t need “help” as stated… you want someone to do the work for you, very different task Humm… this is a user initiative/institutive forum… not a “gift” shop.
Why don’t you follow the guide and try it out yourself, as many users done it already?
Just like you saw here… by now the mod was already done.
You’ll get help on issues faced on the task.
You can share the mod file for correct verification of the DXE insertion.
Good luck.