[Request] NVMe Support for XP

Hello Fernando i am interested in getting an NVME drive working in widows xp 32bit.

i tired a samsung 970 evo plus 1tb. i tired using some back ported windows 7 drivers i tired with a samsung one and a more generic one.

i was able to get windows to detect the drive no problem. but if i ran crystal disk mark on it then it would complete the read test no issue but as soon as it would start the write test the system would lock up. same if i tired to copy files to it.

i also tired an adata 8200 pro 512gb drive. it had the same issue

is there some nvme drives that will work with xp and only those drives will. or am i just doing something wrong.

btw this is on a gigabyte x58 ud7 board. latest bios. and using a StarTech.com Dual M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter Card pci-e x8 to get the card plugged into the system.

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Since I have never tried to use an NVMe SSD while running Windows XP, I cannot help you. According to my knowledge an officially released NVMe driver for XP doesn 't exist.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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over on this site there is a version of windows with all updates pre slip streamed. it also has a program called patch Integrator . witch it says it has what it calls backported windows 7 drivers for both the mircosoft nvme driver and samsung nvme driver. with these drivers windows xp can at least detect an nvme drive witch it can’t normally do. but it seemingly can read from the drive fine but when trying to write data to it causes the system to hard lock.