Request or which ROM: Asrock X79 Extreme4


I have a Asrock X79 Extreme4 Motherboard. I use for Win 7 the Legacy BIOS und for Win 8 the UEFI-BIOS, so I have to Update both ROMs. My System-Disks are 2 Samsungs 830 in RAID 0 and the Data-Disks 3 Samsung F3 in RAID 5. In the BIOS I can change between IRST (which I use) and RSTe. The Dufus Sata ID shows a ControllerID 2822 but the AlternateID is 1D04. Which ROM have I take and how change I the different ROMs (CSM/UEFI for IRST and RSTe).

Or better, If someone have the 3.0 BIOS with actual ROMs could offer this to download, becaus I never change a ROM and there is a fear to destroy my Board.

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@ Rabimmel:
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1. How do you manage it to use different BIOS settings for a dual-boot system?
2. Which "both ROMs" do you mean (RAID ROMs for RST+RSTe or LEGACY ROM+UEFI SataDriver)?

If you want to update both Intel RAID ROM modules (RST and RSTe), I recommend to replace the RST RAID ROM by the original v12.7.0.1936 and the RSTe one by the original v3.7.0.1049. Regarding the “How-To” I recommend to read >this< and >this< guide.


Hello Fernando,

thanks for the answer. I use not realy a dual-Boot system, I change between both Win in the BIOS (activate CSM-Mode). If I found a little Time, then I will configure the Win 8 and then I only need the Efi-RAID-Driver, but now I use primary Win 7. So both Windows are installed with the iRST-Mode in the BIOS, so I think I will only update the RST-ROMs.

Are there any advantages for the RSTe-Mode?


Although I don’t know exactly the “Enterprise Edition” features, there are obviously no big advantages for X79 mainboard users of using the RSTe mode.
For more informations you may have a look into >this< thread I started 03/11/2013 at Intel Communities Forum.

So I checked my BIOS an I found the SataDriver (RSTe with the GUID 43A0A7B3-1E92-42EF-A46D-DDC03E52CB5C and the SataDriver11 (RST with the GUID CF6F5F10-876F-458C-BF37-FB46B782638F. If I change the SataDriver11 with then the new GUID begins with 90C8D394-4E04 and has only SataDriver as FileName, also change RSTe to Version the GUID begins with 91B4D9C1-141C. Is this correct?

The normal Option ROM changed 8086,2822 with snf 8086,2826 with So the ASMedia 106x, ups, there are 2 ROMs 1b21,611 and 1b21,612. The downloaded 0.951-ROM is named 1b21-0611-v0951.bin so I think for the 611, but in the device manger the "Asmedia 106x SATA Controller" has the device number 612. I extracted both and in HxD there both named 106X SATA Controller Ver 0.93. So which one should I replace 611,612 or both?

Does anybody knows how to update the Intel Management Engine ROM from the 7 to 8 Version? If I want to update the ME-FW with fptw64.exe I became error 25: The host CPU does not habe write access.

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AFAIK the shown GUID of the SataDriver module doesn’t have any effect on its function.

I suspect, that the ROM with the DeviceID 0611 will not been used at all by our system. If there is enough space within the BIOS, the mainboard manufacturers don’t take the time to select, which OROM is really suitable. So there is no need to replace both ASMedia 106x ROM modules. You can verify the in-use ASMedia 106x OROM version while booting, if you have enabled the ASM1061 Storage Controller and Storage OPROM within the BIOS.

The best place to search for an answer is >this< thread at Station-Drivers.