[Request] P8Z77-V LK NVME Bios Mod

could anybody add NVME to this bios for me …i have tried with no success

link to original bios https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1155/P8Z77-V_LK/P8Z77-V-LK-ASUS-1402.zip

Easilly done with MMtool method
[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

EDIT: Again… MMTool method… UEFItool can be used to compare pads on/off in original and mod.

I followed the method shown in that guide using CodeRush’s UEFITool…but no luck

Here you go:
P8Z77-V LK MOD.rar (4.0 MB)

Stock bios file modded both with MMTool and UEFITool separately if you want to try either both of them. both MMTool and UEFITool method have the same/similiar results, so flashing either one of them is ur choice.

Guide to flash: [Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

if board got no bios flashback, use afuwin method. download stock bios to flash using afuwin in that tutorial and use the Bios.ROM from either MMTOOL folder or UEFITOOL folder (choice is yours) for the /GAN flash on afuwin (read the guide first)

OR use Asus BUpdater, guide here (page 3-40, or 102/154 if you search for the page in the list), file here:
BUPDATER_130.zip (37.6 KB)

Possible fix for cant flash: [GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 280 or 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash

Also added Resizable BAR support as long gpu supports it, but Above 4G Decode must enabled (and running motherboard pure UEFI is a must).

Above 4G Decoding might be possible, but you need to make your motherboard run Full UEFI (CSM must be disabled), i leave the setup IFR.txt for you to discover. I also made change to the hidden option for PCI Subsytem to USER but idk if it would appear in your bios or not, and if it appears, idk if Above 4G Decode apears or not, you could try using this method to enable the 4G Decode, hence why i left the Setup IFR.txt for you to find the variable.

For setting the resizable bar size (after running board on pure UEFI and Above 4G Decoding enabled, and working boot to windows) use this, and read the guide here.

i’ll be waiting for results :+1:t6:

Thanks for that .
Windows installation completed …reboot now shows.

Tried disabling CSM / tried auto / tried manual

and this

Rely ONLY on user own project/guidance… the forum cant be responsible for any user provided files and its own functionality/integrity.
It was your only choice to use a file provided by a user with several modifications, as your only request was NVMe mod.

A forum is a open-house for the well intended and others… users should read guides and similar user experiences, take their own conclusions and as in real life, there’s always some one that can take advantage of unexperienced users, for their own “testing” purposes, situations that sometimes “escapes” admins control or missed.

Always remember that a user forum is primary the sharing and exchange info on a user encountered issue and trying to get the best change to resolve it, that’s why the guides are a valid tool and the primary direction pointed to a user.

it was shown in the msg thar GPU didnt support UEFI boot.

what is your gpu?

R9 290 …it does not support UEFI …i’m trying to find a bios for the video card that has UEFI GOP support now .

Which R9 290 are yours? or maybe send a gpuz screenshot here?

Sapphire Radeon R9 290X 4GB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card Battle Field 4 Game Edition 21226-00-50G

here try this (make sure to backup vbios before doing so):
R9290XBF4.zip (100.4 KB)

Bios taken form TPU web here, updated the gop to 1.70

That got rid of the message saying VGA not supported …it also now does not auto change the CSM mode .

But now i get just this

Maybe try to read point 4 of this: [HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

Problem is also happened here: [OFFER] Asus P8B75-M BIOS v1701 NVMe, EFI_ROM microcode update

GPU-Z confirms UEFI …installed Windows on SATA drive no problem

tried both bios.ROM you made …bios never sees NVME or PCIE drive , I have both to test .

Never get past this

Success verification (the NVMe SSD has to be connected!):

  • Enter the “BOOT” section of the BIOS and make sure, that “CSM” has been set to “Enabled”. Then look for the listed bootable Disk Drives.
    If you now can see a new disk drive named “PATA” or “PATA SS”, you can be sure,
    a) that you have correctly inserted the NVMe module into the BIOS and
    b) that the modded BIOS has been successfully flashed.
    Note: Don’t try to boot off the listed disk drive named “PATA” or “PATA SS”! You will not succeed, because the required Option ROM is usually missing within the NVMe SSD. Nobody (except the user of a Samsung 950 PRO) is able to boot off an NVMe SSD in LEGACY mode.

ah ha…I decided to downgrade Bios to 1301 …and then try loading bios you made this way i can confirm bios was updated …and it will not upgrade to the modified 1402.
Asus Ai trick method did not work on modified bios …it does show completed normally in windows but does not actually update bios. ha ha

i’ll try a different method and be right back

No luck flashing bios from 1301 to modded 1402 NVME.

1: EZflash method …its built into the bios …but won’t flash complains about file name CAP

2: USB Flashback my board does not have that feature …button removed

3: AFUWIN Tool this method appears to work …no errors . But it does not update Bios

4: Usage of the Flashrom this method backs up ROM no problem …but errors when writing to it.

5: Usage of the ASUS AI Suite this method give no errors but does not write modded bios .
Tried 2 versions of tool .

Finally got full UEFI support working !
Big thanks to [Koekieezz]

Both video card and motherboard need modding to enable this.

I did end up bricking my motherboard during this episode …but lucky for me i have raspberry Pi and could recover easily.

after recovery …I used this file from a different source that was already made
P8Z77-V-LK-ASUS-1402-NvME.cap.zip (4.2 MB)

and Usage of the ASUS AI Suite method to flash using windows

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what did you do to the gpu? glad your file worked

my vbios were made based on the lates vbios available, inserted nvmedxe_5 and samsung_m2_ahci using mmtool, the one u sent use nvmedxesmall. but hey it works XD

but since you do have a programmer you could test if my bios were actually working or not, since you did said it didnt update/flash on software way.