request sapphire rx580 8gb gop uefi need help

hello i have sapphire rx580 8gb pulse i am inexperienced about efi uefi tables, my problem is when i choose csm no problem but if i choose uefi in bios setting it says no graphic output protocol i added my bios file sorry for my bad english

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File attached is broken, please re-attach or upload to some file host
By default your BIOS would have EFI GOP in there already, unless someone removed it in a mod vBIOS. Did you try both BIOS switch locations just in case someone removed from one but not the other?

What motherboard and BIOS version are you using?

hi i dont have bios switch it has only one bios
i use msi b350 pro vd plus latest bios i reupload bios file

Ellesmere.rar (216 KB)

Are you sure no BIOS switch? Look at back of card, below fan shroud on end of card, on the PCB
File damaged still, please upload to here - or

or make a new rar, the one your uploading may be broke

I got it, never mind, must have been some issue with firefox!

* Edit - @maxiboost - There’s two vBIOS in there, which file is dumped from your card? Never mind, both = hex matched files
Please wait. It DOES already have EFI GOP module as expected, but I will update it for you

@maxiboost - Here, EFI GOP updated from - 2017 >> Updated to>> - 2019

thank you sir i flashed but the most interesting part is still says no gop in bios maybe i should downgrade my mobo bios

Show me what you see in BIOS. There is some parts of BIOS that may always say that, usually those are hidden from users though, but not always.
If you can disable CSM and boot to windows then you know UEFI is working.

Your GPU-z image shows UEFI/GOP (that box that’s checked under the AMD Logo on right)

i upload my bios screen




7B38v2GQ(Beta version)
- Update AMD ComboPI1.0.0.4 Patch B (SMU v46.54)
- Improved OC memory compatibility.
- Improved system boot up time
- Improved PCI-E device compatibility.

1)Is your boot diks in gpt format?
2)Is your monitor plugged in rx580?


1 yep sir it is in gpt format
2 i dont have internal gpu i only have rx580

@maxiboost - thanks for BIOS image, that is the exact area of BIOS that I see which is often blank, it’s only informational and should be hidden from user IMO, this can be ignored safely

Carry on with OS Install and you should be fine!

Thank you


lol the funny part is i contact sapphire they said Dear Sir/Madam:

The card does not have BIOS switch.

@maxiboost - Surely it’s there, on top/side or back of card at PCB edge. Unless maybe you have some old version without switch? I thought all 580’s have it? I have cheaper 570 Pulse and there’s one on mine
Show me images of the back of card, and side showing PSU connector (so I can see that entire side), then image of back end of card, where I can see PCB on back end too.

@maxiboost - That’s nothing like the three I requested

Give me three like this, or just look where I circled my switch and I bet you find yours. In red I circled where BIOS switch is on some cards, and in Cyan I circled and arrow’d where BIOS switch is on my 570 Pulse
I checked images of your model and if I picked same correct one, it has same backplate as mine and single 8pin, without switch on side, so your switch would be at rear of card where I showed you mine is in the images below.
It’s also mentioned several times in the reviews for that card and in Q&A too, so I bet your card has it you just didn’t see due to it’s unusual location




Yes exact same backplate as yours i will send it in later but even sapphitech says your card dont have bios switch maybe they sell same card with and without switch i checked locations nothing there i will upload later






It may be in this position.


Thanks but im not quite sure about that

Yes, talking to level 1 tech support usually they are often clueless and unhelpful (paid phone/email answer people often)

You must have some old early version, or they left off your switch, I see empty switch position on the end of the card, in same place where mine is Very sad to see on 580

Ohh well, switch wouldn’t help your question/issue though, that is a BIOS thing that should be hidden since they didn’t code it out correctly for all cards etc.

Yep they are bot at customer support, u şair that there are two bios, maybe they dont add switch i wondered if i soldered switch will it work :rofl: frankenrx

Not sure, since no switch could only be a single BIOS. You’d have to remove the fan shroud and then heatsink and show me image of the naked card.
None of that, even if you have two BIOS and add switch, will help with what you asked, so kinda a waste of time, but you can look if you want
Otherwise, you just flash what vBIOS you want to use and then you’re done

i flashed the bios u send me :slight_smile: but nothing changed