[Request] Unlock EVOO Products EG-LP5-BK BIOS


I would like to have my BIOS for my EVOO Products EG-LP5-BK (re-branded Tongfang GK5CP6X) unlocked, so I can access the ASPM option to help keep my CPU’s PKG power more consistent. Also, I would like to have deeper C-states. My Intel ME firmware has been updated to the latest using the pinned guide in this forum. Linked are the results20.rar file created by the BACKUP_Tools20h2 program (found in a related EVOO laptop thread) and the verbose output from both WIN32 and WIN64 versions of MEInfo in a text file. Lastly, images of the BIOS tabs are attached.

results20.rar file: https :// www sendspace com/file/bilkrj (replace spaces with dots then recombine link)
MEInfo file: https :// www sendspace com/file/wy7vx0 (replace spaces with dots then recombine link)









Better start reading and working on it: OverPowered TONGFANG CyberPower Machrevo MACHENIKE - Unlocked BIOS Guide W/ Files

I found the instructions to be rather confusing at first. Even while working through them, I felt a little unsure, but I was able to piece it all together.

Do I just use FPT as it says in step 16 after I completed the steps from *** For the Pro’s and those who know (BIOS Editing) - General Aptio V Mod Guide *** (How-2-Rip-It-Open-Yourself)?

Also, I came across a Form: Advanced Debug Settings when tabulating the Form ID’s. Is this something that needs to be added or just ignored? I think it is a sub-menu for the advanced tab.