[Request] Unlocked Acer Nitro 5 AN515-45-R9UX BIOS

I ask for help for unlocking the Setup Menu (Advanced, Power).
Maybe there is a keyboard shortcut (F4 4 R F V F5 5 T G B F6 6 Y H N - does not work).
I’ll throw off the bios just in case, maybe someone will be able to unlock it.

Please tell me, the bios is written on one flash memory (only one chip)? And yet, I heard that the bios takes 32 Mb, is it true?
I have a programmer, so I wanted to clarify these nuances.

One chip, 8 Mb.

Hi, i can reply pm.
I’ll leave it here.

Hi, when I run your program, it says "Can not identify the BIOS"

Heard you might be able to help from a different site :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit… ps i dont know how to dm on here :sweat_smile:

I have already checked the BIOS of this device for the possibility of changing the fan rpm. In the BIOS, only control over temperature trip points is available. The fan rpm is controlled by the Embedded Controller Program, not by the BIOS. Although I can’t help you directly, I can tell you what to try next. Create and configure a profile for the NBFC program.

Ty so much, i figured it was something over complicated, now i know where to start :grin:

Is your bios lock? If you can flash bios than send me old bios file so i can repair it or make new one for you…:blush: