[Request] Unlocked Gigabyte G5 KF 2023 [i5 12500H + RTX4060]

Hi there!!

I am looking forward for a modded BIOS for this PC: https ://www.gigabyte.com/us/Laptop/G5–2023/support#support-dl-bios

. I am looking for something similar as what @Sweet_Kitten did for G5 KC: [Request] Gigabyte G5 KC Bios Unlock/ Mod or what @Pythonic did for G5 MD: [REQUEST] Gigabyte G5 MD

Basically I am looking for unlocking the settings, since the stock BIOS pretty much has no option at all.

My priority would be undervolting the CPU, for example as with AC Loadline, as other 12/13th gen CPU laptops are able to do it (but not on G5 KF).

Thank you very much in advanced!!

Best regards

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