[Request] Unlocked Gigabyte G5 MD BIOS

Hello, First of all, I find this forum great.
I wanted to order, if possible, a bios mod for a Gigabyte G5 MD-51ES123SD with:
Intel Core i5-11400H / 16GB / 512GB SSD / RTX 3050Ti / 15.6 "

What I need is that there is some option so that ram speed and latency can be configured, for some modules that I have of 3200 mhz and cl16.
Latest bios is fb07.
Thanks in advance

EDIT:added screenshots of the bios mod, thanks to pythonic

I have this exact same laptop model, could you please share the modded BIOS @Pythonic? By the way I have the latest BIOS version, the FB10.

I was finally able to limit PL1 from the CPU with ThrottleStop, which was limiting how much the GPU was getting (also reaching 100ºC in literal seconds when under heavy stress), so performance in GPU intensive tasks improved dramatically. I would like to set this up from the BIOS, so I don’t need to start windows with this particular software.

I’ve seen there are some guides on how to mod BIOS, and I plan on eventually learning to do that!

Thank you in advance!

Thanks to @Pythonic who very quickly made a custom BIOS and now I can access a ton of options, here some pics I took before and after the custom modded BIOS:
Before, official BIOS version FB10:

After, custom BIOS, part 1/3 because as a new user I can only post 1 embebbed pic per reply:

Welp, I can’t add more replies neither until someone else replies… But there are like a full and a half screen with options below the ones shown.

I have the same laptop model and I was disappointed about the fewer options that this BIOS has. It came with FB03 version, so I updated to FB10. It has some more options, but I would like more. So I read this message and I really would appreciate to get this modded version. How can I download it? Could you please share the modded BIOS @Pythonic ? Thank you in advance!

I am also stuck with the FB09 and would like to unlock the BIOS.
@Pythonic could you provide a download link? Would be awesome.

is this modified bios available anywhere?

Hi can request also tha modded bios my version is fb10 and my gigabyte is g5 mf

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