[REQUEST] Unlocking Maximus XI Gene bios

Hello guys

As talked about it with @Lost_N_BIOS in this thread REQUEST Bios Flash for ROG ASUS Apex XI Z390 and also cause I’m totally dumb with Hex I’m opening this new one to see what we can do for this board ^^

I’m using bios 0057 below M11G 0057
but new 0022 could be good also(there’s one more RAM profile wich is interesting) : M11G 0022

At first purpose I would like to have HPET option and see if there’s an “Execute Disable Bit” option somewhere like in older MB bioses but after thinking about it I tell myself it could be good to have a list(if it’s possible,don’t know) of all locked/masked option and be able to pick wich option to be unlocked or not… well I’m open for every possibility even adding XP support :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Nobody for helping me ?


It is crazy hard work, to understand, how something works in Bios.
A lot of drivers can be changed there easy, but to mod something
is other question. Even to mod DSDT isnt easy at all

I know it is hard work for expert like you here and impossible work for me :smiley:
But @Lost_N_BIOS told me that he could make HPET mod so that’s why I open this thread with all things that I have in mind,free to expertts here to tell me what is possible or not :wink:

@Doc.Brown - Please confirm which BIOS you want to use, and does this board have USB Flashback or not?
None of the BIOS you mentioned are shown on the Asus download page, and the BIOS versions do not look similar unless you are linking some very old BIOS https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG…/HelpDesk_BIOS/ Are you linking beta BIOS?

Yes, I can give you a textual readout of all BIOS settings, so you can browse around and see what settings you want to have visible.
* Edit - here is text output of BIOS settings (All) - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…890892875131297

Hi :slight_smile:

Yes Gene 11 have USB Flashback,I use 0057 bios but wait few days before mod it cause @diderius6 made one 0057 mod for ACPI BSOD today so if it work well after test,it will be the one wich will be usefull to mod more ^^

Thank you.

OK, I will wait. Please see my edits above and answer question, thanks. Also, I just added text output of settings for you too

Oh sorry I didn’t see your edit and reply here @Lost_N_BIOS
Yep those bios are like beta versions cause they’re made for overclocking community but they come from Asus like official one too.

Diderius6 made an ACPI mod via DSDT on the 0057 so it will be the one for mod more after :wink: 0057 Mod by Diderius6
Thank you for the output text list I will take a look at it and let you know :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello @Lost_N_BIOS :slight_smile:

Now I’ve good old XP for the board could you mod the bios for me please ?

I would like to have both 0057 and 0021 modded,you can find them here:

- 0021
- 0057

After looking all IFR section list,is it possible for you to change this option to “Enable” :


And make those appear and have the ability to change options into :





Also do you think it’s possible to extract one memory profile in 0021 and add it in 0057 bios ? I would like to have “Dancop 4800C14” profile in 0057 but not sure if it’s doable :


Thanks for your help :wink:


This text output of Setup IFR is from the bios 0057 or 0021,I can’t find the info ?


@Doc.Brown - The IFR I linked is from 1302 BIOS, probably all same though. I will check your list above and do those mods.
On the memory profiles thing, I’m not sure if that is doable, maybe if I can find the module that contains those profiles. And, if I can find it, I may not be able to pick/choose/edit, I may be able to only transfer entire module.
Can’t you export/import profiles anyway? So apply that to some default profile, save as xxname, and then export and import into other BIOS to use?
I know that wouldn’t be same as you wont have that memory selection as a choice in the memory profile area, but if you can export/import that way you can at least use all those applied settings from that memory profile.

On the Overclocking Performance menu / Overclocking Feature setting - can you see that main menu at all, or entire menus needs visible?

* Edit - can you please put those two BIOS (21/57) into a zip, and upload here, thanks - http://tinyupload.com/ Or https://uploadfiles.io/


Ok I was thinking it was from 0057 and those profile were just masked,if it’s possible to take only the entire memory profiles module in 0021 and add it in 0057 it is good for me also cause I’m able to save bios profile with the Asus OC Profile Save/Load option but they can’t works with another bios,that’s why I asked you if it’s possible with your modding method :wink:

For the Overclocking Performance menu / Overclocking Feature setting for now it can’t be seen in the bios

I’ve uploaded the bios here as you wish : M11G0021-0057

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Doc.Brown - I’m not sure about the profile stuff until I look at those BIOS.
Send me one of your “saved profile” exports, maybe I can see something to edit to allow it used on any BIOS version, or at least maybe I could change it from 21 to 57, to allow you to import it there, saev the settings and then rexport proper new one from 57.
If nothing can be done like we’ve discussed, can’t you manually copy out (or with images) and set all that manually into a 57 profile and then save it?

Please clarify, can you see the Overclock Performance Menu at all, or not? Really, you don’t need that enabled, since you can set memory/cpu in other areas, but I can make visible for you, it would just give you access to duplicate options you already have elsewhere (Ai Tweaker)
But maybe not every single setting it shown to you there, not sure as I’ve not seen 100% of this BIOS via images to compare. I do see the first item you asked about “realtime memory” is inside that section, but also is inside Ai Tweaker >> Tweakers Paradise (I can make visible for you there)

For the last item RTC Memory Lock, can you already see Advanced >> PCH Configuration?

On the memory profiles, please clarify which one you want moved? You showed three there, but mentioned one by name which is not shown in the three you quoted.
I may not be able to do anything with that, but I need to know for sure which you want moved before I can locate it, see how it’s stored, loaded, used etc to see if that can be moved over or not.


You can found a saved profile exemple here : m11g saved profile

Yes I can write settings on a paper to set them in another bios but it’s more simple if they’re in it that why I asked for it,anyway if it’s not possible don’t bother you with that :wink:
Overclock Performance Menu isn’t in actual bios but if it’s only option that already are in Ai Tweaker it’s useless to add it,if I understand well output text this option are in this section and I don’t seen them in “normal” bios :

As you can see something like “Overclocking feature” is already disabled by default that’s why I would like to have Overclocking Performance Menu visible and see if something could be usefull in it :wink:

No RTC Memory Lock isn’t in PCH Configuration yet
For the memory profiles that’s the last three from here wich interest me(0x71F4C,0x71F5B,0x71F6A) :

As you can see there’s a lot of RAM profiles ordered by memory ship used,only the last three are missing in 0057 cause they’re new one added in 0021 so if the only way is to remove the entire profile list to add the full profiles entries from 0021 it’s also could be good if it’s more easy for you

Thanks :slight_smile:

Overclock Performance Menu is in the BIOS, just hidden from you, that’s what I was asking (if you can see it now, or not). As mentioned, some may be only there, but the few I checked are also in other areas of the BIOS
Overclock Feature setting is only to allow you to access that overclock performance menu once it’s visible, the menu can be visible to user but rest is hidden until that is enabled.
As mentioned, I can make this visible, and all the same settings elsewhere too in menus you already have visible.

On the RTC memory lock, I was asking if you can see that section of the BIOS, not the setting itself.

I’ll check on the memory profiles more once time permits. I already saw those you now listed again, didn’t know before that you meant all three. I’ll see what can be done.

Yep it’s hidden as RTC Memory lock too,could you make it visible with all them content please.

Thanks,have a nice day :wink:

Yes, can do

can you already see Advanced >> PCH Configuration << This submenu specifically? That is where hidden RTC Memory Lock is located

Yes I have it but if I remember well(i’m at work now) there’s only one thing for PCI-e there

Send me images of your BIOS, you can F12 screenshot to USB. Show me main, Advanced (Root, so I can see all submenus, scroll up/down if needed). Also show inside PCH Config (Root, scroll if needed).
Also show Ai Tweaker (root/all) and inside/all of submenus except memory timing ones, boot, and Save/Exit

Hello @Lost_N_BIOS :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded screen captures here : M11G Captures

I think it’s almost the same that you saw in Apex bios ^^

Thank you

Any news update @Lost_N_BIOS ?