[Request] Usage of a SATA SSD for HP Laptop 14-dq2521la

Hello, I have been looking for information for a while about how to unlock the advanced options in the bios of my HP Laptop 14-dq2521la without success, because this computer I have wanted to put a secondary HDD hard drive through its sata port to have more storage In addition to my m.2, however, the sata port is disabled, so I need help. If anyone knows how to unlock those options or, failing that, modify them without having to unlock them in the bios, I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

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Show us the slot/connector/sata port for the 2nd disk, location on the motherboard.

Hello, thanks for answering!
here I send the photo you requested

Ok, expected connector… now tell me something, does that flex sata ribbon came originally inside the laptop or did you bought one after market? What does it shows in bios regarding storage devices/controllers?

That flex ribbon did not come by default with the PC, I bought the ribbon by verifying the number of connector pins, and regarding the bios, the hard drive simply does not appear.
Researching online, I read that PCs that come without a hard drive by default sometimes have the SATA port disabled in the bios and that it could be activated through the advanced bios options, however I have tried everything to activate them without success.

I did that question because i suspected that it was not an original HP or this model original part…its a common HP reservation. Well i suppose you confirmed the 5pins data signal on the 2 ends of it…did you?
It could be bios locked feature but the thing is that its almost impossible to mod and flash on modern HP systems due to RSA and other security issues.
You need to check if its AMI/Insyde/Phoenix bios and use proper tools to read strings/variables, if present and locked or non-existent at all.
If present and possible to unlock, the only chance to flash a mod may well be an SPI Programmer…but still with high chances of a death system and requires some knowldge of this kind of operations.

Will be honest with you and my opinion only, since its a HP system (Hard on mods), a recent model not worth of such risks, adding more heat to the chassis with a mechanical drive and high chances of failing such actions, i would advise an external Alu USB3.0 encloser for that disk using connection to the USB-C port of your laptop.
Good luck.

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mmmm I understand, so there isn’t a way to modify those advanced options without having access to the advanced bios configuration and without such a high risk?

By the way my BIOS is AMI f.33

No…the block/feature can be present in bios code or not, the risks around all this, is the difficulty (some impossible) in flashing mod files in HP “modern” systems after 2014-2016, the “common” risks of a mod not correct at the 1rst chance and bios get corrupted halting/death system.

Also those aftermarket connectors have a part on this… “compatible”… they all say it, sell sell sell.

You can use the UEFI Editor to get a look on your bios, on possible strings related to SATA.

If you want to proceed further more… a possible method but i have almost sure that the bios have regions locked, thats why the spi programmer remains the last resource.

mmm it’s a shame
Thanks for the information!