[Request] Working Win7x64 Mobile driver for NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060,2070,2080(Solved)

Hell ou,
as you can see in other thread im trying to make working Windows 7 64bit on Dell 5590 with Geforce RTX 2060 laptop video card:
Making Windows 7 64bit working on Dell 5590 (Coffe lake + Geforce 2060) Laptop + Searching for Device drivers

Except some still open things, but solvable as not working Goodfix fingerprint and Nvidia type C UBS3 controller driver, so its working, even Intel HD 630 videocard, but i paid for nice Geforce gaming card and i want to use it.

Geforce 2060:
Im disappointed, i lived that Geforce 2xxx / 3xxx are still available for Windows 7 64bit, so i bough Dell 5590 notebook with Geforce 2060, but i tried to download drivers from Nvidia web side… and i found out that, its only for desktop GPU and if you select Geforce RT 20 Series (Notebook) on driver website… only Windows 10 driver are available.

Its here some workaround, howto make drivers working for Windows 7 64? Its possible to make Desktop drivers working, Nvidia continue to say that mobile cards, are almost the same as laptop ones and they have special driver restrictions… Idont care too much about Geforce experience and driver auto update etc.


So some mod is needed…

First what i tried, so to install desktop cards drivers, but installed failed not supported card found.

When i trying to force install from inf files - from newest desktop Gefoce Windows 7 64bit drivers, im getting strange message, that operating system is not supported:


But im quite sure that im running on Windows 7 64bit SP1 and i double checked that driver which im trying to use is for Win7 64bit too.

I dunno if that is some missleading Nvidia error in inf files, or something my OS, but i installed lots of Windows 7 drivers in last days fine… Maybe,maybe wufuc unsupported mesage disable can mess with it, but i doubt it. Maybe its Nvidia new way how to disable user install something from *.inf files.

Anyway here are my inf files:

I found video how to simply add some ids to installer here, but im not sure if will fix unsupported OS message, or i probably have to fix it before…:

I doubt that i would be that easy, as change ids, but who knows…

I have tried all 10 drivers for Geforce 2060 or Geforce 2060 Super its always the same, this message during forced drivers install and it take a while, if would guess that check Windows version would be first step during driver installation.

My dev id is:

I found this DevID mentioned only in 1 minor inf file, not in nv_displ.inf main one etc.

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Ok simple inf edit mentioned in youtube video above really worked, so its not working only because very big Nvidia laziness… Details are here, if not want Geforce 20xx with name of Geforce 840M, but with proper device name (only tutorial flaw):

try looking on these sites for what you need

Thanks, its good that someone is making these repacks. I have drivers already installed but it would be handy next time.

On reddit did not find anything about Nvidia USB3 type-c driver for my device:
Only post where it is without solution…

And on https://puresoftapps-nvidia.blogspot.com/ is for Windows 7 PPC (what is afaik some nick name for Nvidia USB3 solution) marked as unavailable, so there is not solution, unless you know more… Are using these drivers?

>>>[Solution] Win7/8.1 Drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new AMD Chipset Systems<<<
[Solution] Win7/8.1 Drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new AMD Chipset Systems

The Driver Package Included NVIDIA Type-C & AMD Type-C, you can try to use for Notebook.

I already saw this package, there is not readmene which from USB drivers its supposed for Nvidia USB3? There are 5 of them, one is for Asmedia and other for AMD board, they can for with Intel one, but witch one is for NV?
I tried to search for my device IDS (bellow), but i found nothing…

Update: I see DEV_15E5
Its other ID, i can force this driver, or add some lines, but it seems to be for AMD boards and maybe, maybe for something else, or do you have any info, if is working wih Intel too?

did you find any solution for this? i need msi gp75 leopard windows 7 drivers as well including rtx 2070.

can you please share graphic drivers with me?

thank you

Yes i did check, msfn link above. If is working for 2060, i will also for 2070.

sorry i did not figure out which one should i do? edit the inf files or other recommendations there?

my device ids are


Only one device would in device manager as video card, you can copy whole PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1F14&SUBSYS_12B91462&REV_A1 string to INF file - first line in every block with dev id, but if need right GPU name, you should find, right line for geforce 2070.

i could not do it, can you please do it and upload somewhere?
please i would love to send you some $$ too!
send me ur paypal as well

thank you

Above is link:
there is even youtube video… do you still have problem? If yes, where exactly?

I dont mind some donations, but not for this…

i managed to install windows 7 but still trying to install intel uhd drivers, my device ids


so when i search this on google i see only intel uhd stuff but not exact code name like UHD 620 this so

i found this video and still trying to do it.


also still not sure if i properly installed the nvidia drivers…

What is CPU name? I doubt that there is some combination of Intel with HD 620 driver and Geforce 20xx videocard… It would be probably HD 630, but without pictures, its just guess…

When you properly install drivers, you will see devices in device manager without ! mark and 3D will run…

This with quick 1st line inf edit - install, only bad device name in device manager:

this one is with proper device name:

Intel and Nvidia drivers not need each other, if you install their own drivers, not NB manufactors ones (they are for Win 10 only and has often both drivers in one package)… All is described in link above.

heres the pictures



i managed to install nvidia drivers but dont know if i did properly, how do i test nvidia drivers?

i also checked for Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201(2*2 ax) windows 7 drivers but could not find anywhere… i really want windows 7 on this machine but i am kinda losing my hope…

i really appreciate for your help!

These picture will not help… i need to know cpu name (to indentify videocard) and pictures of display adapters from Device manager…

I already wrote how to test videocard drivers, just run some 3D games, or videocard benchmarks…

Wifi adapter, there are not Win7 drivers so far, but solution is my new adapter and exchange it, they are replaceable.

i tried countless times but no lucl, intel uhd drivers installing but it still has yellow mark at the corner on device manager… i would really appreciate if you help me out

I cant help, you not simply reading what im writing…
I asked, what is your cpu name got nothing, asked where exactly you get stuck with drivers installation - got nothing, i asked for pictures - got wrong ones :frowning: problem is on your side.

sorry about that. i thought i did post correct ones, i am new to these finding or modding drivers etc so still trying to learn everyday from people like you.

my cpu is : Intel(R) Core™ i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz
my gpus is: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

i tried modded nvidia drivers and it seemed like it installed properly but did not know how to check that so i am going to try with 3d test etc like you mentioned above…
about intel uhd drivers, i tried many modded drivers including modded ones but no luck so far…

here the pic


Ok regarding of intel ark:

Your graphics is:
Intel® UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel® Processors

So no HD 620 for sure i have Coffee lake for it on Intel akr is explicitly told that:
Intel HD 630, same as have 8th generation, that is advantage. My Device ID is:

Im not really sure, if for your graphics you can force HD 630 driver i doubt it, or you need new modded one… and if exists. Im using driver modded by Canonkong…
Win 7 x64 Coffee Like UHD 630 Video driver

Try it, if it find try to find i there is extracted some .inf file and change dev id for HD 630 with your id, if fail only change is Canonkong or other modded XP driver especially for 10th gen Intel graphics.

Geforce 2070 method from above should work… if not, you need to report where are you stuck, otherwise we cant progress… it could be more simple that just follow youtube video and report time, where you stuck… and just download and run Unigine Heaven.