Retro Hardware and Software Topic Rules

[Guide] Retro Hardware and Software Topic Rules



This topic is for open discussion on running legacy software on modern machines which includes running older OS from DOS up to Server 2003 on anything from Pentium 1 and up. Although there is no restriction for people who are also using much older systems from IBM PC to 486 to discuss here running modern software. Also expanded to allow alternate retro hardware and software discussion.

Originally conceived for discussions regarding gaming I also felt it should NOT be limited in scope to it.

Any discussions on retro software and hardware are allowed topics.

People may freely generate their own threads of interest within this Main Topic if the Sub Topics don’t fit.

Preliminary Rules:
Since we can’t be certain of the legality of it don’t do it.

Please no linking to “abandonware” or “pirated” sites to get the program.

This means no links to ISOs, Roms, et cetera just to be safe.

Official legal links to sites where software can be purchased is acceptable.

Links to Patches or Fixes that correct bugs or issues within the program to run are allowed.

Further refinement of the RULES could be added later if necessary.

Sample categories of interest.
If your software is run in one of these categories you can place your thread posts in there.
All other uncertain topics but relating to Retro Software or Hardware can be posted in a new thread.

DOS (Hardware and Software)

Windows (Hardware and Software)

Golden Age of Computers

Consoles and Arcade Machines (Hardware and Software)

Game Walkthroughs and Reviews

Assembly Programming

C++ Programming

Basic Programming

Data Backup and Recovery for MBR Drives

Discussions about the installation of the 2K, XP, Server 2003 Operating systems should be done here.
Windows XP/2000/Server 2003

Discussions about the installation of Vista and Windows 7 should be placed in the Vista/Windows7/Server 2008 topic.
Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008

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