Reviving dead Dell Workstations with bricked BIOS

Ah ok thankyou so much i will upload my bios ti zippy share.

here’s my bios dump.

What happened to cause brick, bad BIOS flash, bad mod BIOS, or bad ME update etc? So I can know what might need fixed.

This info I found so far, can you please check system stickers and see which of the bold is the exact system model/ID, thanks

MAC = F8:B1:56:AA:87:AA

ME =

Version 15 or 17






PPID ÿ CN0GN6JF722003AC00KMA02ì
50 50 49 44 1e ff 43 4e 30 47 4e 36 4a 46 37 32
32 30 30 33 41 43 30 30 4b 4d 41 30 32

I didn’t do anything… just plug the ac cord and diagnotic led number 3 & 4 imideatly flashing. I measure ram and cpu voltage using multi meter, volatge reading is Zero.

So i assume that the CPU doesnt not POST. It’s just my assumption

OK, well lets do quick dirty test without getting your board details in BIOS first, except I will correct LAN MAC ID so your Ethernet works. Then if working, we know CPU is OK, and we can then fix BIOS with board details I asked about.
Here is dump from another users board, working, with your LAN MAC added. Please test if these are working, if it’s working then we’ll move forward and fix your board details.

From these three links, it looks like 3+4 means system is in sleep mode?…systems?lang=en…p-codes?lang=en…systems?lang=en

Also, if you moved memory during troubleshooting, check this, you need at least one memory stick per CPU following the guidelines…-memory?lang=en

Im not in home right now., in few more hours Soon as i get home i will Flash your bios.

From the link you give me, i only see Solid Led 3-4 not blinking led 3-4.

Again Thankyou gor your help

You’re welcome! Yes, sorry I was not sure how that would look and what LED’s you meant etc. Read each of those links, none apply?
Hopefully BIOS in #25 is working for you, otherwise you may need another CPU to verify if CPU dead, or another board to test your current CPU in

Ok i’m home and ready to flashing the bios chip. I give you the result in 39 minutes.

About the Led. What i mean is Front panel diagnotic LED.

Sorry for late. Just want to tell you that bios is ok. Unfortunately the problem is in my Cpu, Both my cpu shorted to ground.

I try using another processor the cpu boot fine.

Thx for your help.

Glad your board and BIOS is OK, sorry about the CPU hopefully it can be replaced with cheaper one now than when new. How did CPU short?

Like I said in previous post. Just turn on plug the power chord in to my UPS and turn on Cpu an boom I got blinking diagnostic led 3 - 4.

I suspect is my Old UPS sending BAD AC voltage to Dell and damage my CPU, because every time I turn on my UPS, I’ve herd like GRRRRR sound coming from transformer inside UPS.

I have another Cpu intel coffelake 8700k is damage two days right after my dell Cpu damage and have the same symptoms (CPU Shorted).

Yes, that sound bad, I would not use that UPS anymore! Sorry such new 8700K CPU is dead too, luckily Intel will RMA that for you