save xml as bin with flash image tool

i update a binary file in “flash image tool” and i want to save as bin. But i don’t have this option. i can only save as XML. help please

@valcourtp1 - Follow this guide closely, you do not “Save As” for ME FW cleanup/update/settings transfer, except if you are saving settings XML for comparisons - [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization
If your ME FW is currently healthy, it’s better and easier for you to just update using the ME FW update tool FWUpdLcl.exe - as outlined in the middle of the info section “B” of this page - Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools

So, i change the value in Flash image tool and after how can i use that with fwupdlcl.exe ? i don’t undersand. thank you

You do not need to use FITc at all, if your ME FW is currently OK/Healthy working etc. All you need to do is grab the latest ME FW posted in the ME FW thread, and use fwupdlcl.exe as mentioned in section “B” of the second link above.
What are you actually wanting to do here? If just update ME FW, then use fwupdlcl.exe as mentioned above. If you are making some specific modification/edit to ME FW, please explain and then I will tell you how to proceed.
If you are just updating ME FW, it’s easiest and safest for most users to just use ME FW update tool as outlined in that thread I linked in section B

@valcourtp1 :
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Thank you for your answer. In fact, i want to enable remote Desktop vpro. I took a bin file from a computer having vpro ans i try to add vpro function on another computer with just amt.

I try to modify bin file ton add remote Desktop .

I use the good method ?

Thank you

@valcourtp1 - No, that is not good method. You MUST use your systems BIOS / ME FW, using FITc run through the update/clean/settings transfer process I linked above, and before final rebuild you enable the setting you want.
Please link me to your stock BIOS download page, I will do for you and see your possible options to update ME FW.

Also, please explain to me what is vPRO and AMT, are they different? Do you know what exactly you need changed in FITc, if yes show me in images.
I already know how to enable AMT if that is all you need done, if that is what you need then you don’t need to show me images, just link me to your stock BIOS for now.